April 3, 2019 meeting minutes (Philadelphia)

Approximate Membership in attendance: 100

Sargent-at-Arms – allowing purple and green dots people in.

Board in attendance: Mary Bellman, Amanda Pacheco, Jason Kozlowski, Debra Kidney, Kate Shaughnessy, Sarah Hughes, Greg DeFreitas, Cheryl Coney, Liz Espinoza, Stephanie Fortado

Absent: Leslie Lopez, David Slavin, Susan Williams, Kai Lai

Parliamentarian – Kathy Renfrew

Secretary Report

  • Membership meeting 2018 minutes approved
  • All E-Board meeting minutes are posted at www.uale.org for you to view

President’s Report

  • Board has been active
  • In Fall 2018, Survey was sent to the UALE listserv to get feedback on the future of the annual meeting and programming at UALE
  • The need for a webpage and database upgrade
    • Need to invest in the digital infrastructure of our organization
    • See Meeting PowerPoint.
    • Progressive Technology Project – group we want to hire to revamp our database.
      • Powerbase – CiviCRM for Organizers
    • Washington Labor Center has provided the seed money to launch this. But we need other organizations to throw in some resources (eg: money) to help fund the cost of improving our communications’ systems.
    • Recognize Tess Ewing for her volunteer time on the website

Membership Questions:

  • What is the overall cost?
  • How will this upgrade work in 5 years?
  • Will Progressive Technology be around in 5 years?
  • Are the cost projections accurate?
    • Flat pricing/year not a la carte that includes support and training
  • Will this upgrade really meet the needs we want it to do?

Treasurer’s Report

  • See budget spreadsheets
  • See UALE Treasurer’s Report PDF

Task Force Reports and Discussion

  • Women’s Summer School Fundraising Taskforce (Stephanie Fortado)
    • Loss of Berger Marks
    • Researching potential funders
  • Conference Task Force Report (Sarah Laslett)
    • Presented report and key questions that the taskforce grappled with:
      • How do we alleviate some of the financial pressure presented by the cost of the conference?
      • How do we deepen our impact as labor educators?
    • Recommendations:
      • Moving to a biennial structure – national conference every other year
      • Executive Board – extend the term of the current board by 1 year to 2021.
      • Embracing and adopting the recommendations of the taskforce on regional activity – “UALE Regional Event Planning Recommendations and Toolkit” (blue sheets)
    • Membership Questions:
      • No questions

Motions (Kathy)

Motion 1 – 3-19 moved on block

Moved by: Riahl O’Malley, Annetta Ar (second)

Debate Opened: Riahl O’Malley

Amendment – exclude Motion #12 (who made the amendment Simon Fraser

Passed without objection

Motion 2 – Keturah Raabe – Move bloc as amended, Guy Bosworth seconded

Debate opened: Keturah Raabe

Bloc approved as amended – motion is carried

Motion 12 – Sarah Lasett, Seconded Annetta

Debate Opened:

6.1 amendment (Alicia Massey)

Add “or the call of 20 member”


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