UALE launches Worker Ed Wednesdays

Worker Ed Wednesdays is an effort to collect and share the terrific online worker education opportunities that, because of social distancing, are now available to much wider audiences. We are looking for submissions from any and all of our labor, community, and university partners, as long as the event falls in the broad UALE mission. We post these events on Wednesdays with the #WorkerEdWednesday tag, as well as other hashtags to help folks find webinars, skills trainings, films, or topics like gender justice and health and safety. The first Wednesday of every month is reserved for racial justice programming and training, because anti-racism needs to be a cornerstone of our worker education programs. 

If you’d like your event or an event you see to be boosted by UALE, please tag us on your event post or send it to UALE in a FB message or email. We will post it on the next Wednesday, then stay tuned each week for the new offerings of Worker Ed Wednesdays!

By Sarah Hughes, UALE Northeast Representative

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