1/ All submissions must be submitted ONLINE ONLY via a Google form HERE.

2/ Applicants will be notified of the Program Committee’s decisions by December 2020.

Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Discussions provide an opportunity for participatory discussion of labor education issues or programs, research in progress, or other relevant topics in an informal setting around a table or in a circle of chairs.

Roundtables are typically 4-6 participants with no comment or assigned chair.

The convener poses a series of questions to participants and leads a conversation. Roundtable Discussions draw heavily on the experience of those in the room.

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) with title of the roundtable, names of discussants and an abstract outlining the objective of the discussion.

Paper Panel Session

Paper Sessions can include research papers, case studies, or other kinds of reports related to labor education. These sessions offer presentations from authors who have written about a generally related topic. Each author will have equal time to present their work, after which the session chair will lead discussion. Authors should submit an abstract for consideration; full-length manuscripts should be submitted prior to the conference to the conference chair/commentator directly. Your session must have a chair/commentator identified and listed in order to submit your proposal.

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) with all three titles, names of presenters, and abstracts.

Labor Studies Journal, Special Issue

“More Expendable than ‘Essential’: Black Workers’ Rights and Racial Class Struggles Under the COVID Crisis”

Labor Studies Journal Special Issue, Guest Editor, Dr. Gus Wood, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Labor and Employment Relations

This is for individual papers that would like to be considered for panels dedicated specifically to the Special Issue of the Labor Studies Journal. If you have questions regarding the Special Issue, please email Gus Wood, the guest editor,

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) with your paper title, name, affiliation, and abstract.

Single Paper

While we do accept single paper submissions, we strongly recommend that you seek others with similar interests and assemble a panel to propose. Posting queries on the UALE listserv is often a good way to find other folks interested in similar topics and themes.

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) with paper title, author, affiliation, and an abstract.

Curriculum Demonstration/Teaching Techniques

Curriculum Demonstration/Teaching Demonstrations engage participants in an interactive manner that facilitates group participation in some form, and utilizes labor education techniques, particularly popular education. Activities are typically followed by discussion of the technique(s) demonstrated and the uses to which they might be put. Facilitators are encouraged to offer their design and materials to participants to adapt and use.

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) that outlines the proposed demonstration including the facilitators.

Performance Art/Visual Arts

Please submit one document (Word or PDF) that outlines the intention of the performance or exhibit as well as the requirements necessary to either perform or exhibit including wall space, AV needs, staging, etc.

Please submit 1-2 documents (Word, PDF, image, or video) with the title of piece, name, and abstract.

Film Showing

Film showings are opportunities to share a new production or something in progress. Please keep in mind that given time constraints, it is unlikely that you will be able to preview a full length piece (over 60 minutes) if you also would like to have a hearty discussion and Q&A. Some exceptions may be made depending on the program submissions and space accommodations of the conference space.

Please submit 1-2 documents (Word, PDF, image, or video) with the title of piece, name, and abstract.

Poster Session

Poster Sessions provide an opportunity to present and discuss a single theme or relevant topic in an informal setting, somewhat like an exhibit hall or information fair. A good poster presents useful information with engaging graphics to stimulate discussion. Poster presenters should prepare a display using easily understood printed text and graphics on a board no larger than 30” x 40.” Presenters should prepare welcoming remarks for conference attendees and explain their posters. Attendees and presenters will then discuss the posters and the topics they address. It is helpful to provide handouts for participants with presenters’ contact information to facilitate future dialogue. In order to have a poster accepted for display at the conference, please submit an abstract of what your poster will be covering.

Please submit a document (Word, PDF, or image) with the title, name, and abstract.



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