The Executive Board is the governing body of UALE in between the yearly membership meetings.

According to our Constitution, the EBoard meets at least twice per year: once at the annual conference, and a second time in the fall. In practice, we meet several additional times via conference call.

Meetings of the EBoard are normally open to all members in good standing of the Association to attend. (Of course, members of UALE who are not EBoard members do not have a vote in these meetings.) However, the EBoard may go into executive session to discuss issues not appropriate to public session.

The EBoard is made up of 16 people:

  • The 5 officers of the Association: President, Vice President representing University programs, Vice President representing Unions, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • One representative from each of our four regions (Northeast, South, Midwest and West), elected by the members from their regions.
  • Six members elected at large. Among these six, there must be at least one of each of the following: 1) a director from a university or college labor center; 2) a director from a union labor education department, and 3.) a community based labor educator.
  • A liaison from the Labor Studies Journal Editorial Board.

Executive Board members are elected for two-year terms at the annual conference in even numbered years.  

Current EBoard members and their contact information can be seen here.