Union Women Taking Back America

Download an exhaustive bibliography/filmography for women union activists, lovingly compiled by Donna Schulman for the 33d Northeast Regional Women's Summer School, and completely updated for the 37th school in 2012:

  pdf 2008 Womens School Resource List (504 KB)

  pdf 2012 Womens School Resource List (1.08 MB)

This great resource is now being kept up to date as an online database, rather than a hard-copy book, thanks to Aliqae Geraci, Cornell ILR Research Librarian. Here is the URL: http://guides.library.cornell.edu/c.php?g=32362&p=203853


We Were There

Bev Grant has been the cultural director of the NE Regional Summer School for the past 17 years or so. Each year we present a women's labor history show called We Were There for which Bev composed a theme song of the same name back in 1994. She has been performing the show outside of the school and donating a portion of the profit to our scholarship committee. Last summer, she made a music video out of the song, using images from the show. She is now writing a brochure and citing the history of its existence.

To watch the video, click here.



Facebook pages

Here are some facebook pages that have been started by UALE Women's Summer Schools:

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