A Conversation with Julia Reichert:

A Lifetime in Labor Education and Filmmaking

Earlier this year, UALE member Julia Reichert and co-gdirector Steven Bognar won the Academy Award for Best Documentary with their powerful film American Factory. It is an intense and entertaining story of an eventful year in the lives of workers and managers at a shuttered GM plant in Dayton, Ohio after it is reopened in 2016 as a new glass factory under Chinese ownership. Two of her earlier films, Union Maids (1978) and Seeing Red (1984), were also honored with Oscar nominations for her and longtime collaborator James Klein. Long a Dayton resident, she taught for nearly three decades in the media department at Wright State University, often enlisting students in her film crews. Though now fighting cancer, she has completed a new film about the organizing movement among women clerical workers in her youth. On May 22,nd Julia spoke with UALE board member Greg DeFreitas in a wide-ranging online interview.

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