What is the status of labor education in higher education in the U.S.? We hear lots of troubling stories about programs having their funding cut, or experiencing political attacks. Wanting more data to back up the stories, in 2014 the UALE Executive Board commissioned a study from Helena Worthen. What Helena’s research uncovered is disturbing, if not surprising. Helena did extensive interviews with Directors of these programs and has put the specifics issue of the status of labor education into an important context about the overall corporatization of higher education. We see this trend as another part of the overall attack on organized labor and workers in this country and believe that, whether in everyday workplaces, classrooms, or union halls we are engaged in the same struggle.

This report will soon be accompanied by two other pieces. We will be making available a short summary of the report to give an overview of the narrative and the data. This will be publicly available with the report. We will also be creating and making available TO UALE MEMBERS ONLY a toolkit that suggests ways for those with a stake in higher-ed labor education to talk about it to various constituencies.

The UALE Board is grateful to Helena for the tremendous amount of work that she put in to this report and is pleased to be able to offer this important piece of work to our community of union-based, higher-ed based, and community-based partners.

document The Status of Labor Education in Higher Education in the US (124 KB)