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  3. Tuesday, 28 July 2020
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This year, we are once again recruiting for more specialized lectureships to teach Labor Studies course/s with a focus on black workers, African American working-class social-political movements, or the intersectional analysis of class on gender, race, ethnicity and/or sexuality in the African-American, Caribbean and African Diaspora community. For our 2020-21 general lectureships, we are particularly looking for candidates who are interested in teaching Labor 101, 181 and invite candidates to submit labor related variable topics for alternative and future course considerations (pending funding and student course enrollment needs).

Here are the links to both posts:

JPF05696Part-time Lecturers with a focus on African American, Caribbean and African Diaspora Labor 2020-21 (Non-Senate)

JPF05694Part-TimeLecturers for Labor Studies IDP 2020-21 (Non-Senate)

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UCLA Labor Center
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