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  3. Friday, 04 October 2019
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Worksafe is seeking an Executive Director to support our mission to prevent occupational injury, illness,
and death by bringing justice to the workplace. The position is based in Oakland, California .

Worksafe is a California-based organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the basic right of all
people to a safe and healthy workplace. We engage in campaigns in coalition with worker organizations
and activist networks to eliminate toxic chemicals and other hazards from the workplace. We advocate
for protective worker health and safety laws and effective remedies for people who are injured on the
job or suffer work-related illnesses, and we watchdog government agencies to ensure they enforce
these laws.

In addition to advocacy and policy work, we are a support center for California legal aid organizations
whose clients encounter workplace health or safety issues, workplace injuries, or retaliation for
reporting unsafe work. We provide legal training, technical assistance, and advocacy support to legal aid
programs who serve low-wage and immigrant workers, improving access to justice for workers who are
most vulnerable to having their rights violated.

Worksafe’s Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership and vision, directing daily
operations, and furthering the long term goals of the organization. We are seeking someone with
experience leading a team, developing programs and campaigns, and fundraising. Candidates should
thrive interfacing with diverse stakeholders including policy makers, government agencies, workers,
advocates, and members of the media. Candidates should possess a strong desire to improve the health
and safety of California’s workforce. The Executive Director is accountable to the Worksafe Board of
Directors and conducts the business of the organization in accordance with board member guidance.

For full job description, see attachment below.

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