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  3. Monday, February 05 2018, 08:41 AM
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North Bay Jobs with Justice is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Lead Organizer. Position open until filled.

North Bay Jobs with Justice is a long-term, strategic alliance of labor, faith, immigrant rights, civil rights, and community-based organizations working together to build a progressive movement for economic and social justice. North Bay Jobs with Justice is based upon a direct action model of solidarity and reciprocity and we organize strategic campaigns in the common interests of our broad-based membership. Campaigns include: the right to organize, living and minimum wage, immigrant rights, racial and gender justice, community benefits, health care for all, food and environmental justice, affordable housing, addressing wage theft. State and local policy initiatives are an important component of the work of North Bay Jobs with Justice. The organization is affiliated with the national Jobs with Justice network and based in Sonoma and Marin counties with an office in Santa Rosa.

For full job description and information on how to apply, see attachment below.

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