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  3. Sunday, 03 March 2019
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Calling all UALE members!

For the past two years, our organization has been engaged in an evaluation and conversation about how we structure our conferences, with the goal of making our conference more sustainable and accessible, while continuing to build the capacity of UALE. At our general membership meeting in Philadelphia on April 4, we will vote on these proposed changes to our constitution and by-laws.

The proposed constitutional changes should be taken together with the Regional Event Planning Recommendations and Toolkit to provide the full picture of what we have in mind. Please come prepared to discuss and vote on these changes.

Attached below are three important documents to prepare for the meeting:

  1. Results of the survey of UALE members taken last fall regarding their preferences for future conferences
  2. Proposed changes to the UALE constitution and by-laws mandating biennial, rather than annual meetings, with regional events in the off-years.
  3. Recommendations and a Toolkit for planning UALE Regional Meetings in the years without an annual meeting.

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