1. Kathleen Conlan
  2. 2015 Conference
  3. Friday, 20 February 2015
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The UALE Executive Board recommends the following changes to the Constitution and simultaneous adoption of Bylaws, subject to final edit, at the 2015 annual membership meeting. Unanimously approved on 2/5/15. Direct any questions as to details to any Executive Board member.
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Tess Ewing
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
How about including language about the Working Groups in the By-laws, since they have become an important part of UALE? Here is the language the EBoard passed in November, 2009, when we created the Working Groups. "

Proposal on Working Groups Passed at EBoard meeting, Nov. 6, 2009

"UALE encourages the organization of Working Groups within the organization. Working Groups are self-organized groups within UALE that come together around a particular topic or area of interest. They are open to all UALE members to join, and may also include non-members of UALE. "For example, a Task Force that wants to continue to exist after finishing the Task that was its original charge would become a Working Group. "A Working Group may apply to the EBoard for recognition as an official UALE body by sending in the names and contact information for a Chair and Vice-Chair, and writing up a short description of the work of the group. Recognition will be based on consistency and support of the mission of UALE, and will be reviewed annually. "Once its application for recognition is accepted, a Working Group will be given the opportunity to set up its own password-protected website within the UALE website, and will be given space to meet at the conference if requested. They will also be given the opportunity to weigh in on the policy and research priorities of UALE. "To continue their status (and their web-site) from year to year, each Working Group will report annually to the Board on their activities, on a schedule to be determined by the Board. "The current Task Forces will be contacted and asked to re-form as Working Groups." This language could be easily adapted for inclusion in the new By-laws
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