This page contains collected responses to query for materials on workplace bullying.

Please make appropriate attribution to authors if you use or distribute these materials.

This document is a collection of responses including links, resources lists and suggestions: document Responses to Query re Workplace Bullying (68 KB)


Below are some full-fledged papers, workshops and presentations:

A Guide to Workplace Bullying

This comprhensive online guide was developed by Amy Forester for use in the UK, but US labor eductors and workers will find much of interest. It is written from a general perspective, not specifically a union perspective.

document Bullies and how to deal with them (416 KB)

Materials developed by Margo Wesley and Sara Thacker of the University of California Berkeley Staff Ombuds Office. If you use or distribute any of these materials, please attribute to the author or authors noted at the bottom of each page. February 25, 2009

document Bullying Powerpoint presentation (260 KB)

"Workplace Bullying" PowerPoint Presentation by Michelle Kaminski, MSU Labor Education Program

document Mobbing and Bullying in the Workplace (97 KB)

While there is growing consensus on the definition of workplace bullying, translating this consensus into effective workplace policies and contract provisions has remained challenging. This paper, originally delivered to the National Academy of Arbitrators, attempts to provide assistance to advocates and arbitrators dealing with the issue. By Barbara Byrd, Deborah Mailander and Helen Moss. (Rev. 2014)

pdf Standing Up for Our Rights (366 KB)

"Standing Up for Our Rights: Challenging Bullying and Sexual Harassment at Work" Workshop designed by UMass Labor Extension Program and the Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) for program "WILD in the Winter", March 2010

document Workplace Bullying Case Studies (93 KB)

"Don't be a Target" Materials developed by Michelle Kaminski, MSU. These case studies were developed to show examples of how different groups of workers have dealt with workplace bullying. They are not designed as templates for action, but to provide examples of creative solutions.

Workplace Bullying and Union Response document
Union Response to Bullying

This paper and associated PowerPoint presentation by Jerry Carbo, Grove College of Business, Shippensburg University, were delivered at the UALE Conference in Toronto in 2013.