The materials on this page were submitted in response to a query from Deb Kidney in July 2019 for "... any good videos that explain 'the union difference'?"

For some written materials on a similar subject, see the page "Why We Need Unions"


from Cassie Bell

Here is a short clip AMAPCEO uses for a section in steward training called, “Why Unions?”

It’s cute and quite short and ALWAYS elicits a laugh!



from Michelle LeBlanc

Here are a few excellent ones I know of that were made in Canada. I think you'll all enjoy them even if they're not of use!

Unions are Great!

How Your Union Works

 from Alicia Flores

This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but the UC Berkeley Labor Center put together a video on "The Union Effect in California"

The video is based off a series of reports our center did in 2018: A Three-Part Series: The Union Effect in California


from John Kretzschmar

No video, just some plagiarized stuff that I modified. I believe that people join and participate in organizations whose values they share.   Unions have members who are "apathetic" and who fully engage with other organizations outside the labor movement.  Why?  IMO, we fail to sell the "union difference" that focuses on values and principles.

document The Union Difference (39 KB)

So, it's important, IMO, to find ways to go beyond just dollars and cents when explaining this stuff.  This is one of my attempts to do that.  I'm also attaching a piece I put together for a class I call "How to Effectively Talk Union."

document Values and Concepts Important for Effectively Framing Unions (20 KB)

BTW, the British and American versions of "what have unions done for us?" videos are both enlightening and amusing.

"What have the Trade Unions done for us?" TUC (British)

"What have American Unions Ever Done for Us?" Move On (US)