This page was started in response to a request for iinteractive curriculum on running a union meeting using Robert's rules. July, 2018

from Bill Barry

Here's a slide show for a union training class--change it as you need to.

document Parliamentary Procedure (2.51 MB)

document Mock Procedure (12 KB)

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from Adrienne Paavo

In a union I used to work for, we made a couple of videos to show in our parliamentary procedure course. Maybe these videos would be of use to you?



Adriane Paavo
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from Bill Puette (slightly abridged for length)

Attached is a handout i made for basic Parliamentary Procedure presentations  pdf CLEAR Intro PP basics2018July (246 KB)

In addition to being the director of the U. of Hawai'i Labor Center, I am a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (credentialed by the National Association of Parliamentarians) and a Certified Parliamentarian (as credentialed by the American Institute of Parliamentarians) ... I serve as Parliamentarian for a number of different unions and i regularly teach an online class on Parliamentary Procedure designed specifically for unions.
Note: in addition to Robert's Rules, instruction in Parliamentary Procedure for Unions should take into account superior requirements in the Labor-Management Reporting & Disclosure Act (aka Landrum Griffin) few other credentialed parliamentarians are able to cover this.
Furthermore, the AFL-CIO’s pamphlet "How to Run a Union Meeting" last revised in 2000 contains  errors about different parliamentary motions  (Lay on the Table and Appeal for instance) meetings as well as issues regarding the handling of reports & content of minutes. and nothing on the new provisions in the 11th ed of Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised regarding electronic or the different procedures for Board and Committee meetings.
In 2016, I proposed to the AFL-CIO that I revise that pamphlet, to make it available again since the AFL-CIO is no longer publishing it as it used to through the former education dept. working with Yvette De La Cruz at the AFL-CIO National Campaign Training Coordinator to secure permission to revise and publish an updated edition of How to Run a Union Meeting, but my offer was declined.
I cannot recommend the use of that pamphlet in 2000 edition, nor can recommend the workbook, "Parliamentary Procedure and Effective Union Meetings" published and still available by UCS.....
I ... discourage anyone teaching the subject for using any unofficial book or guide to Robert’s Rules except for the following:
1. Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th ed.) Da Capo Press, 2011
2.   Rober's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief (2nd  ed.) Da Capo Press, 2011
The "In Brief" version is very simple & fully cross-referenced to the official complete current edition.
Almost all of the other books & Guides & YouTubes contain errors or significant omissions, especially those published before the 11th edition in 2011
William J. Puette, Ph.D., PRP, CP, Director
Center for Labor Education & Research
University of Hawai‘i - West O‘ahu

from Jim Slaughter, via Mary Heretick

(Jim Slaughter is Parlamentarian for the AFL-CIO and various unions.)

"...[Here is] information on my two books on Robert’s Rules of Order, which might be of interest. The books have a different purpose and different audiences (and the links that follow will take you to reviews of the books).
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track is a quick go-to guide and provides details on the most used motions, appropriate informal procedures for smaller boards, and general advice for shortening meetings.   
Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fourth Edition is a user’s guide to the new 716 page edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition) and uses a question-and-answer format to cover the most misused and asked-about provisions, including those that apply to larger membership meetings.  Notes and Comments received the 2013 Phifer Award from the National Communication Association.
Both books are available from Amazon ..., Barnes & Noble, traditional and online bookstores, as well as electronically for the Kindle, Nook and iPad.
There are also many free charts and articles on Robert’s and meeting procedure at my Website, www.jimslaughter.com.  All of the information on the Website is free, so feel free to use or share."
James H. Slaughter, Attorney
Black, Slaughter & Black, PA