This page is for items that were submitted in response to a request for "training for union members about what's at stake post-election."

John Kretzschmar, UIowa

"The power point focuses on creating a useful dialogue about The Proper Role of Government in Our Everyday Lives. I hope some of you may find it useful in our post-Trump era."

  document Understanding the Proper Role of Government (967 KB)


Michael Eisenscher 

The CA State Fed conducted an excellent session yesterday with several hundred local union leaders from around Northern CA.  They have develop some pretty good materials about the Trump threat and union responses to it.  Contact the CA AFL-CIO for more info.

Rachel Leikin

The Labor Guild is formulating two classes that will be offered during our Spring 2017 Guild School of Labor Management Relations term about what's at stake and up next for unions in a Trump presidency. It is likely that one will be focused on resistance through grassroots organizing and one  will center political and legislative work. There are no materials yet, but finalized classes and information will be forthcoming on the Guild website (hopefully within the next two weeks). http://laborguild.com/

Michael Honey

Bill Fletcher is developing a training session around race and labor equity for Washington State Labor Council.

Michael Honey, Fred and Dorothy Haley Professor of Humanities