This page was started in response to a request for videos and/or curriculum on an organizing approach to grievance handling

Suggested videos:

  • Power at Work: Building A Teamster Member to Member Action Network: (15 minutes) produced by Teamsters; a companion piece to "Turn it Around". Using 1-on-1 organizing to build solidarity in the workplace. Suggested by Bill Barry and Steven Ashby

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Grievance Handling  (21 minutes)  From PACE. (Does not have an emphasis on organizing, but some scenarios might be used to teach communication skills that are useful in internal organizing) suggested by Bill Barry and Steven Ashby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sP2zBu1v_k

The following videos seem to no longer be available on Youtube. They may be available from the unions that produced them. If you know where to find them online, please contact us.

  • Turn it Around: Teamster Stewards Solving Problems on the Job (17 minutes)

  • Unhappy Holidays - AFSCME Stewards Building a Stronger Union”   (25 minutes) steward training video produced by AFSCME 

Both of the above were suggested by multiple people, and include shop-floor action as well as grievance filing as ways to solve problems. They both also include stop-action spots with questions for audience.

  • The Case of the Grieving Waitress: (20 minutes). Made by Fred Glass of AFT; suggested by Bill Shields and Steven Ashby 

  • Kim's Grievance. Produced by CLC; suggested by Ray Scannell

Materials for download:

Flow-chart related to organizing around grievances. Contributed by Deborah Rosenstein, UFCW.

pdf Solving Workplace Problems Flowchart (116 KB)

Steward Training Curriculum developed by UMass Labor Extension Program. See pages 11-15 and the first Practice Grievance for materials directly relating to an organizing approach to grievance handling.

pdf 888 Stewards Training (965 KB)

pdf 888 Practice Grievances (71 KB)