Popular Education Working Group

United Association of Labor Educators

Meeting Notes 12.12.18

Introductions & Agenda (10)

Name, Location, Affiliation:

Riahl O’Malley (UFE), Richard Gaboton (CUPW), Darby Frye (AFSCME Council 28), Susan Williams (Highlander), Keturah Raabe (Consultant in DC), Tish Glenn (CUPW), Eric Larson (UMass Dartmouth), Zach Cunningham (CSEA), Tess Ewing (Cambridge, Retired), Elizabeth Pellerito (UMass Lowell Labor Center), Cassie Bell (AMAPCEO)

Highlights from Last Meeting & Survey Results (5)

Riahl gave an overview of the survey results (available in previous email)

Conference Update (5)

  • · Proposals process and timeline- what to expect

Our Working Group is a place to connect people to work together on workshops at the conference.

Proposals to facilitate a session at next year’s conference in Philadelphia, April 2-5, due Friday, December 21st. Send proposals to and cc Popular Education WG co-chairs (Darby, Richard, and/or Riahl)

  • · Community scholarships (Susan Williams)

Please invite community groups to attend and as facilitation partners. Scholarship pool is 5,000 with a geographical distribution. There is more information on the website.

Workshops for 2019 Conference (20)

  • Working Group Submissions ( Top survey topics were: Justice Workshops and Skills-Based Training Using Popular Education)
    • Who is facilitating? Who wants to facilitate?
    • Who needs curriculum support?
    • Do these themes build on topics from last year?
  • Individual Submissions: 
    • Who is submitting?
    • Who needs co-facilitators or curriculum support? Who wants to facilitate?

Who is submitting?

Elizabeth: UMass Microaggressions / Bystander Training

Zach & Deb Kidney: AFSCME New Member Orientation

Darby: Mentorship- peer to peer

Keturah & Darcy: Skills-based

Richard: Maybe facilitator training or mental health in the workplace

Eric: Racism; Formerly-Incarcerated Workers

Workshop on Training Trainers?

Riahl brought up, Richard (how to handle tough situations- white fragility), Susan interested in hearing people’s experiences in train the trainer, Cassie happy to help, Darby too

Willing to facilitate sessions from other designers: Tess, Cassie

Ongoing Work (10)

  • Update on curriculum exchange- no volunteers at this time- will revisit in April

Next Steps and Wrap Up (10)

-Get notes out include link to proposal page

-Subcommittee for reviewing conference proposals: Cassie, Zach, Darby

-Riahl- willing to assist before Dec 21st if needed

-Will continue over email and then reach out again when planning in person meeting for April