Popular Education Working Group

United Association of Labor Educators

June 21, 2018

Attendance: Riahl O’Malley (UFE), Darby Frye (WFSE), Richard Gaboton (CUPW), Zach Cunningham (CSEA), Joe Twarog (MA Nurses Assoc.), Tess (Retired/UMass), Elizabeth Pellerito (UMass Lowell), Antonio Gismet (AFSCME C75), Indira Trejo (UFW), Eric Larson (UW), Susan Winning (UMass Lowell), Bill Shields (AFT 2121 City College San Fran), Tish Glenn (CUPW Windsor), Kate Shaughnessy (AFL-CIO)


1. Welcome and Introductions (15 min)

  1. Name, pronoun, affiliation & one thing you like about UALE
  2. Introduce and propose order for “circle”

2. Conference Committee (20 min)

  • Review some of the ideas from last meeting
    • Planning progression within popular education “track” at conference
    • Build on topics/themes from last year’s conference
    • Think about follow-up with conference/session attendees
    • Soliciting pop ed workshops for conference
    • Train people to facilitate ,at subsequent conferences
    • And more
  • Notes from go-around
    • Riahl: how do we influence conference as a whole? We would like volunteers for conference committee.
    • Zach: I can help in whatever way that might be needed.
    • Elizabeth: Using pop ed techniques in plenaries, this seems like a priority.
    • Susan: Might be confusion still about what is in the pop education track and what isn’t. Can help with that, not necessarily interested in being on the committee.
    • Darby: We have submitted proposals that haven’t always been applied as proposed.
    • Bill: Being ahead in the processes will help, and we will also weigh priorities with others who attend the conference. I hope I can be more active in working group now having left the board. Workers oral history project, keep in mind that kind of agency.
  • Volunteers to work on conference committee
    • Bill Shields, Zach, Elizabeth, Richard
    • Riahl specifically on language justice, asked for volunteers to help

3. Pre-Conference Pop Ed Project (20 min)

  1. Review ideas that might imply a mid-year project
    • Curriculum exchange (online? In-person?)
    • Networking platforms
    • Train the trainer (different forms of delivery)
    • Take leadership connecting labor and social movements
    • Reading list of popular ed theory
    • Might be workshops for next year:
      1. Popular Education and Technology
      2. Skill-based learning using popular education
      3. Driving attendance at trainings
  2. Notes from go-around
    • Richard: What current curriculum share resources do we have? What more would people like to see?
    • Tess: We have some resources on our page as well as the conference page, but there’s much more we can do to build this up
    • Zach: Interested in prioritizing these options after the call
    • Joe: Would like to continue discussing ‘driving attendance’ at trainings
    • Antonio: Interested in training on skill based learning using popular education such as ‘how to write a grievance’/ Also interested in working on tracking to demonstrate that participants retain and use more skills and information using popular education methodology
    • Eric: Most interested in connecting labor to social movements
    • Bill: Skills-based learning and connecting labor to social movements
    • Tish: Connecting labor to social movements and train the trainer
    • Bill: Would be good to make a schedule moving forward

4. Next Steps (5 min) - Darby

  1. Follow-up with conference planner
  2. Schedule meeting for project planning, if applicable
  3. Notes
    • Richard: I can send out an online form or survey asking priorities in order to compile for August meeting. We can work on that which has most votes
    • Darby will send people’s emails who volunteered to be on conference committee
    • Darby will send along last proposal regarding Pop Ed Track to those who volunteer for conference committee
    • Kate Shaughnessy is on the board and on Popular Education working group offered to support
      1. Note: after call Tess the following board members on the Pop Ed WG listserv: Deb Kidney, Mary Bellman, Susan Williams, and Kate Shaughnessy.

 5. Meeting evaluation (will be over email)

    1. What did you like about this meeting?
    2. What might we change?