UALE Popular Education Working Group


August 11, 2017


  1. Introductions & Agenda Review RIAHL
  • Participants: Riahl (UFE), Darby (WFSE), Annetta (UMass Boston), Susan (UMass Lowell), Darcy (Independent Union Educator), Tess (UMass Boston retired/WILD), Keturah (IBEW), Richard (Postal Workers Union in Ottawa), Janna (UCLA)

2. Getting Popular Education Working Group members on the Conference Planning Committee for 2018 DARBY

  • We have several working group members on the planning committee: Darby Frye (Program Committee), Riahl O’Malley (Language Justice Committee), Bill Shields and Zach Cunningham (Plenary Committee), Jeannette Huezo (Community Grants Committee), and Jerry Levinsky and John Lepley
  • Darby will follow up with Bill and Zach to connect them about plenaries

3. Having a track or slate for Popular Education, as we often have in the past RIAHL

  • Comments:
      1. Clarify: Is the track just those using the methodology or also workshops about popular education?
      2. What about workshops that aren’t popular education but are participatory?
      3. Sub-committee: Richard, Darby, and Riahl will review and resubmit the proposals from last year
      4. Would be great to have a progression in the track- opportunity for coordination in our WG- we could include this intent in our proposals and the titles of our workshops

4. Having longer sessions for popular education- should we propose workshops running over 2 sessions or having one longer session for workshops? DARBY

  • Comments:
      1. We recommend to keep the sessions 1 hour 45 minutes or longer. Darby will bring this proposal forward as a popular education representative on the Program Committee.
      2. We can submit double workshop proposals and see how they go. We should only plan for two knowing that time is limited and we want to accept a variety of proposals
        1. Always possible that some participants may leave half-way through
      3. Working Group sub-committee last year received proposals that seemed to use popular education methodology from the Program Committee and then sent them back ranked and prioritized. We expect this to be the same process this year.
      4. Would we like to elicit a proposal (or more) that specifically takes up popular education itself as a follow up to the Popular Education Basics workshop from 2017?
      5. We will schedule another meeting in September to further discuss proposals and topics for 2018
        1. Suggestion to have conversation over discussion board on the website and/or email ahead of our phone call

5. We could propose having an interactive component in each presentation, workshop, or panel RIAHL

  • Possibility of sending an email to those with proposals accepted offering support for interactive components from a group from our working group
  • To be discussed at the next meeting in September

6. Online curriculum and resource sharing

  • To be discussed at the next meeting in September

7. Next Steps DARBY


  1. There is an opening for a 3rd co-chair if anyone is interested
  2. Subcommittee will re-submit last year’s proposals on call for proposals
  3. Discussion board/email list on proposals ahead of our next meeting
  4. Schedule next meeting on themes and proposals ahead of the proposal deadline- meeting dates in September
  5. Discuss interactive components and curriculum share at next meeting
  6. Send notes to Tess (Darby)
  7. Scheduling next call (Riahl)
  8. Agenda for next call (R & D)