Riahl O’Malley, Mareen Lemar, Murphy Institute, D’Arcy Martin, Theresa Williams, AUPE, Mille Rodrigues AFGE, Bill Shields, Tess Ewing, Deb Rosenstein, UFCW, Marsha Love, Susan W - notetaker


1. Recap UALE meeting – this agenda came from the Pop ed WG meeting at UALE, please see notes from meeting.

2. Popular Education Plenary – we need to submit a formal plenary proposal if we would like to be involved

  1. Discussion:

Bill – would be good to have a plenary and what we have to offer is substantive; concern is that we need to be mindful of our location and local organization and see if we can highlight people who are using pop ed in their work in the DC area

Deborah – agree with Bill, not sure if this would be part of the plenary; but thought it would be useful at the conference to have people grapple with their hesitations in using pop ed – how can we get people in the room – we don’t’ get deep about why people don’t think it would work in their context

Maureen – has there ever been a plenary in the conference; do we have the same definition, for ex. Is participatory research part of it.

Tess – probably we are not coming from the same definition or same place. We have had plenaries that use techniques that some would define as pop ed. Might be hard to get a plenary

D’Arcy – its only worth doing if it invites people to reflect on their own practice – but we are talking about a strategy or building power together – and would hold to that- don’t just talk about techniques – need to talk about how to build the power in the room together

Riahl – one idea is people reflecting on their own practice, another is engaging local groups who use that lens, incorporating some set of tool into the plenary itself

Susan W – endorse D’Arcy’s point of view

Theresa – there needs to be some recognition or discussion on what we mean by popular education, recognition of the various forms that we use to mobilize and advance workers/social justice issues – we use a variety of educational approaches

Bill – think about the purpose of the plenary – unless it’s linked to something that is ongoing, not sure we will be able to claim plenary space. Plenary is by definition presentational - -how could we address tension that popular education start the the participants

D’Arcy – if we just engage in groups of 25, if we engage in an internal process – we talk about how we can build power

Bill – what is the deadline for putting in a plenary proposal? Bill will find out

B. Some additional thoughts on proposal,

Reflective process with whole conference group would be good – Maureen – good idea, but wouldn’t have time to work on it. Tess – good idea, doesn’t have time to work on it, Deborah – good idea but is it worth it? Are we all on the same page of whether it would be valuable.

Bill – can’t take on being the lead, can be the liaison and advance on the ex bd, but would need other partners to take the lead on the cmte

Bill – we should get in there early, we have an exciting idea, connects with the theme of the conference, we have a good chance.

D’Arcy – if we want to build excitement, we will need to do some participatory research with UALE and building from there.

Theresa – great idea, very light lifter.
Millie – great idea, very light lifter

Riahl – new to UALE, give feedback

Marsha Love –

Bill - -Riahl can talk to her about being part of this

Deb - notes form this call reflecting the draft and if anyone wants to join us that would be great

C. Next steps: D’Arcy and Deborah will draft an outline proposal and it will be sent to the Pop ed WG listserv. Others are welcome to weigh in. Proposal will be submit to the ex board and Bill, as the lisaon will advocate for it. Riahl will talk to Jeanette Huezo to get her input into the proposal.

3. Proposal from Popular Education working group to Conference Committee  regarding number of workshops, option of having “popular education track”, etc.

A. Discussion

    • Susan – Yes
    • Tess – we should advocate very strongly for a track of participatory track of some kind, and engage some that are really popular education
    • Bill – what exactly is a “track” – it means at every given time slot, there is at least one session that is participatory workshop
    • Do we want to guide people into conference them?
    • Tess – we should try to solicit workshop that we think are popular education
    • Deb – de facto, for people who are familiar enough and you get a a WG to back you
    • Tess -- We have in the past taken the role of vetting proposed workshops that have been submitted in general – a useful thing to do, maximized the number of workshop that could have some popular education aspect
    • D’Arcy – sort of see this as the popular education caucus and in support of how this is heading
    • Deborah – perhaps the person will reveal themselves to be a working group member that's also on conference committee? (Did someone already volunteer?)
    • Bill – we need to work with Elise and Labor Heritage foundation – do we need more than participatory techniques – what are we talking about here?

    B. Consensus and next steps:–

    • We will submit by the ex bd meeting and also to the conference cmte a proposal for a participatory track of some kind, and engage some that are really popular education; will get defined a bit more when WG discusses the current format and makes proposal to edit (Elissa and Susan will start)
    • Executive board meeting on May 14th – for call for proposals it would be good to have something – clearly define that there is space in that
    • We need proposal to ex bd – the call should also be bi-lingual – Call Tony to see who else is on the conference cmte
    • Bill – Nov 20-21st mid year meeting – that is when the plenaries are finalized


    Agenda items not discussed – for future call


    C.     Proposal for review about definitions of demonstration workshop and popular education – Elissa and me – for next call


    4.      Discuss ways that we could influence the format of all sessions – do we have a role in advancing pop ed within academic programs/teaching? (discussion) – this could be a roundtable discussion at next year’s conference


    5.      Ideas for workshops for next UALE – deadline likely to be end of this calendar year

    a.     On rights of blind and deaf

    b.     Roundtable on using pop ed in the academy

    c.     Workshops on different pop ed methodologies – a different model/approach each day