Chair: Tess          

Here: Tess, Elissa McBride, Manuel Melendez, Nancy Lessin, Milly Rodriguez, Paul McNeil, Howard Kling, Marsha Love, Susan Winning, Maureen Lamar, Riahl O’Malley, Dale Melcher, Anneta Argyres, Eric Larson, Bill Sheilds


Overview of WG:

-       WG needs a few new co-chairs and two are stepping back.

-       Tasks that the working group has been doing:

  • Soliciting and reviewing proposed sessions for the UALE conference
  • Posting of pop ed curriculum on website
  • Impact on UALE conference


Ideas for next conference workshops

-       on rights of blind and deaf

-       roundtable on using pop ed in the academy

-       workshops on different pop ed methodologies – a different model/approach each day

-       plenary!

What would people like this group to do?

-       clarify workshop/pop ed labels at UALE conference

-       continue to pick workshops for the UALE conference

-       do we have a role in advancing pop ed within academic programs/teaching? (discussion) – this could be a roundtable discussion at next year’s conference

-       we could write up a guiding document for what we mean by a paper, roundtable, panel, workshop, teaching demo vs pop ed workshop (Elissa and Susan W will work on this. Tess and Dale will work on including some basic principles/definitions of pop ed—something to be included in the call for proposals.)

-       pressure to hold fewer concurrent sessions – do people think the balance was ok this year?

  • Drawing distinction between workshops and pop ed workshops
  • Only one room was set up with round tables; why not set up more rooms this way to accommodate/promote small group discussions
  • Next year in DC we’ll have many more union-based and community-based educators and so may need more workshops
  • Can we include a way for people to identify if they are using pop ed methodologies in their workshops? (concerns about just focusing on methodologies rather than pop ed as a set of principles)

-       Interest in getting more training on more popular education methodology – next year could we do workshops about pop ed methodology

-       What efforts have there been to think of the whole conference experience from a pop ed lense?

  • To the extent that they’ve happened, they take place among the Board and the Conference Planning Committee
  • Bill is our Board liaison and will help to take some ideas back to Board (responsible for planning the plenaries), but we need people to be on the Conference Planning committee
  • Take on a plenary – discuss this with the Board (?)
  • Reformat paper sessions to allow for time for analysis and application of paper’s points/learning
  • Get pop ed people onto the Conference Committee to look at the overall structure
  • Have a plenary topic on the role of pop ed in labor education/labor movement/to make change in this setting – “pop ed: what, where, when and why?” – Bill will inject idea of a plenary on pop ed this to the Board with the Pop Ed working group’s promise to run it

-       What’s our relationship to LRAN? What’s their use of pop ed? Elissa’s insight: lots of overlap of people who are involved; but more focused on idea sharing

Co-chairs for the committee: Riahl O’Malley & Susan Winning

New co-chairs will figure out how to hold conference calls.

Will need the committee to do a few tasks:

-    develop plenary proposal and, potentially, plenary

-       develop workshop proposals (see ideas above)

-       review workshops submitted to conference committee and recommend which to advance