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Popular Education Working Group Call

Nov 1, 2014

These are notes, not official minutes. I can’t guarantee I’ve captured everything!

The second conference call of the UALE Popular Education Working Group took place on November 1, at 1:00pm EDT.

On the call were: Susan Williams, Corina Crawley, Ruth Needleman, Keturah Raabe, & Tess Ewing. Steve Schnapp joined call at the end.

We discussed the draft of the “mini-call” for workshops that Tess had put together in accordance with the decision made in our September conference call. Steve asked for an additional sentence about the funds that will be made available to community-based groups to help them attend the conference. Everyone agreed to the draft as amended by the addition of Steve’s sentence.

Tess agreed to be the contact person (i.e., email address) for people submitting proposals to the Pop Ed WG. She will create a spreadsheet on Google docs and give other WG members access so that we can keep track of what has been submitted.

We discussed having a subcommittee to vet the proposals, as we have in past years, but we ended the call without having actually taken names of people who would be on the subcommittee.

We shared what we know so far about who is planning to submit a workshop proposal:

  • From Ruth:

Demonstration Workshop: Using popular education to help local unions implement genera equity policies: Nina Benjamin, Labour Research Service, Cape Town, South Africa. Over 2-3 years the LRS worked with a number of locals to transform their culture and policies to promote gender equity. These pilots have already been completed and evaluated, and Nina will share the methodology and the materials.

This is the workshop Ruth had described to us last time. Solidarity Center will pay Nina Benjamin’s way, so it looks as though this is a “go”

  • Tess said she had talked to her former colleagues at UMass Labor Extension, and they may submit a workshop perhaps about popular education.
  • Steve said (after most people had left) that he is encouraging his colleague Jeannette to submit a workshop.
  • Ruth suggested a follow-up on last year’s popular education discussion/workshop. She is going to try to track down the notes from that discussion.

The phone call ended at about 1:40.

P.S. Within ½ hour of the “mini-call” for workshops going out, two people expressed interest in proposing workshops: Steve Ashby, on “teaching messaging in union campaigns,” and Sarah Laslett, on best practices for integrating basic workplace rights information in to a variety of education settings and are seeking partners.