Labor And Social Movements: Labor Education And Organizing For Unity And Empowerment
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Working Groups are self-organized groups within UALE that
come together around a particular topic or area of interest.
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Four regional yearly "women's schools" teach women the skills and
knowledge needed to play leadership roles in their unions.
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UALE has 4 regions Northeast, South, Midwest, and West.
Check the UALE News section about regional activities.
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Is a multi-disciplinary journal that seeks submissions about work, workers,
labor organizations, labor studies and worker education.
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Steve Schnapp (United for a Fair Economy)
Tess Ewing (UALE Retired)
Susan Winning (UMass Lowell Labor Extension)
Anneta Argyres (UMass Boston Labor Extension)
Jenn Sherer (U of Iowa)
John Lepley (Steelworkers Pittsburgh)
John Kretzschmar (U of Nebraska)
Rhonda Rogers (Machinists Training Center)
Richard Suarez (Machinists Training Center)
Edgar Moore (U of Nebraska)
Bill Shields (City College of San Fran)
Jose Soler (UMass Dartmouth)
Deborah Rosenstein (UFCW)
Charles Paidock (Machinists)

What should this working group (WG) do between conferences?

  • Historically, this WG has taken responsibility for planning "demonstration workshop" and "pop ed" tracks for the UALE conference
  • Ideas of what else we could do between conferences:

-       convene 2-3 video conference/skype discussions during the year about pop ed applications (theory and practice)

-       develop budgets for projects: (Proposal due to E-Board by November)

-       host regional gatherings:

  • Midwest wants to do a regional meeting to share pop ed curriculum later this summer
  • Northern CA did this in the spring; offering to pilot again in fall (UALE gave $100 for food)

-       organize an international pop ed "exchange" -- a few of us go somewhere else, or bring international pop ed folk(s) here

-       explore issue of new technologies in education and how we should deal (resist or not…)

-       sponsor popular theater/Boal fest

-       solicit finished curriculum on specific topics -- potentially request UALE funds to pay for that development

-       do periodic (every x months) check-ins via email

  • Convene mini-committee to develop a budget proposal which would be voted on by rest of WG -- committee would work via conference call:

-       Volunteers: Bill, Susan Winning, Tess Ewing, Don Taylor (volunteered in absentia!)

-       Will solicit other volunteers through email

  • WG Co-Chairs will take on responsibility to convene periodic discussions (whether via email, video conference, etc.)

Feedback about posting curricular materials

  • E-Board raised issue of posting curricula in a way that would be searchable, organized…national repository for pop ed/labor education materials
  • Buildthewheel.org is a site that exists and would welcome us soliciting, contributing, posting materials to their site -- we could brand our stuff as UALE
  • What are pros/cons of using a 3rd party to host VS. doing it on UALE website?

-       Buildthewheel has a searchable capacity / UALE doesn't

-       Doing it in house helps to drive people to UALE and gives added value to membership/UALE

-       make sure that UALE logo or tag is added to all posts to Buildthewheel

-       Buildthewheel has a very broad range of topics, but that could also get UALE more exposure

-       could also list curricula on UALE website driving people to Buildthewheel to find specific curricula

-       Buildthewheel has a wide range of curricula, from an activity to a full course; their "quality control" may be quite limited

-       Reach out to Buildthewheel to see if they will create a sub-section on workers' education

-       Does Buildthewheel limit to pop ed? Need place to post non-pop ed worker curriculum

-       UALE doesn't have internal capacity to build own searchable database

-       how can we push people/programs to write up curricula and post them to UALE or wherever? Maybe ask them.

-       Curricula do NOT need to be polished to post!

-       posting video of pop ed activities to YouTube -- and add links to UALE webpage

  • Post individuals' expertise/interests

Nominees for new WG chairs

-       Don, Steve and Tess are all willing to continue

-       Bill would like to offer participation as popular theater point person to team

-       Steve will do WG web maintenance

-       officially give feedback to conference committee that this (Wed afternoon/evening) is a great time to run WG meetings


-       What role can labor educators play to help connect efforts to unions and others?

-       Occupy Spring raises long-term tensions in our work: can we explore how to address them? politics and opportunities?

-       Bill Shields: developed six session curriculum "Occupy-Educate-Agitate" -- happy to share curriculum

Workshop drop

-       Meet at 8:30 : AA will facilitate continued discussion on 99%Spring