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Judy Ancel and Katherie Sciacchitano, "The TransPacific Partnership: Taking NAFTA Global"

Power point presentation and associated Resources list showing how FTAs hurt workers and small producers in both developed and developing countries. Also suggests principles for better agreements and steps to oppose TPP. "A work in progress"

  document TPP PowerPoint (3.85 MB)
  document TPP Resources (19 KB)

 Also see the following handouts:

document document North American Unity Statement re TPP (21 KB) document
  document Public Citizen Article re TPP (36 KB)


Barbara Byrd, Deborah Mailander and Helen Moss

While there is gorwing consensus on the definition of workplace bullying, translating this cosensus into effective workplace policies and contract provisions has remained challenging. This paper, originally delivered to the National Academy of Arbitrators, attempts to provide assistance to advocates and arbitrators dealing with the issue. 

  document Mobbing and Bullying in the Workplace (97 KB)


Jerry Carbo,  "Bullying Leaders and Union Response"

Paper and associated PowerPoint presentation on addressing workplace bullying through concerted activity. Reviews the results of three different case studies where unions responded to workplace bullying in different ways, and presents arguments that union responses can indeed lead to effective resolution of workplace bullying.

document Union Response to Bullying
  document Workplace Bullying and Union Response (93 KB)


Jeff Grabelsky, "Strategic Decision Making" 

Powerpoint presentation used in workshop "Beyond Strategic Planning: Helping Labor Leaders Exercise Strategic Decision-Making Everyday" The workshop constructs and explains the Strategic Choice Framework (developed by David Weil) as a tool for leaders to make highly intentional decisions everyday about how they deploy precious resources, expand internal organizational capacity, and build and exercise leverage in the external environment.

document Grabelsky - Strategic Decision Making


Gordon Lafer: "Corporate Lobbies’ Attack on Teachers’ Unions and Public Education"

Powerpoint presentation from workshop "Understanding the Attack on Teachers Unions" While teachers have often simply been included in broader attacks on public employees as a whole, many states and provinces have passed legislation that aims specifically at restricting the rights of school teachers and transforming the work they do. These attacks are not a local phenomenon. In its most ambitious version, this agenda aims toward the wholesale privatization of public schooling.

Lafer UALE 4-13 Attack on Teachers and Schools


Bruce Nissen: "Serving the Faculty Union: A Case Study of Labor Studies Research on One’s Own Campus"

"This paper examines the applied research arm of the Center for Labor Research and Studies at Florida International University (FIU), the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP), and focuses specifically on a set of research reports that RISEP has conducted for FIU’s faculty union, the United Faculty of Florida (UFF)... Studies such as this provide a vital service to higher education unions.

....[T]he most valuable lesson is that university-based labor education professionals can and should apply their expertise and labor-related knowledge to situations “close to home” – right on their own campuses. If they do so, they are likely to find it a rewarding experience, for academia has become one of the major sites of labor union practice in the U.S. today."

document Nissen: Serving the Faculty Union


Alayne Unterberger " Solidarity Forever? Immigrant Student Activists in Florida"

PowerPoint presentation from workshop "How Labor Studies Can Inspire Student Activism: A Case Study from Florida". This presentation explores the creation and establishment of FIU’s first official Student Farmworker Alliance chapter, how the students worked together across disciplines and ethnicities to accomplish some pretty hefty goals in their first semester on campus.

Please note: the presentation has been broken into separate 2 documents because of its size.

document Unterberger - Solidarity Forever - slides 1-8
document Unterberger - Solidarity Forever - slides 9-16


Helena Worthen, "How the Working Conditions of Online Teaching Affect the Worklives of Online Faculty: Report from the COCAL/UALE Working Group on Online Learning Survey, October-December 2012 "

To answer the question, “What are the working conditions of Online Faculty?” COCAL (the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor) authorized a survey at its August 2012 conference in Mexico City, as a joint project with the Online Learning Working Group of UALE, the United Association for Labor Education. This article reports the findings of that survey.

document Working Conditions of Online Teaching


2013 Town Hall Report Back

Summary Report of the "Town Hall" activity in the plenary session Thursday, April 18, at the 2013 UALE Conference

document 2013 Town Hall Report Back