Who We Are

The On-Line Education Working Group will study and report on issues pertaining to the use of IT, social media, and other new media forms. OLEWG will focus on issues of worker/student education at multiple levels and in various formats, including union training, extetbgnsion programs, non-credit, and credit courses. OLEWG will also collect data and develop reports on the use of new media in union and community education, organizing, and mobilization. As the point of worker/labor education is building a strong, progressive labor movement, OLEWG will try to evaluate the relative effectiveness of different formats, and disseminate to labor educators information on best practices in the field. We will focus our efforts on encouraging the sharing of information and the production of research on all issues relevant to on-line worker/labor education and issuing, through UALE, periodic updates on what works, what doesn’t, and what is possible in the field of on-line labor education.

Join Us

To learn more about the working group, or to join, please contact one of the Co-chairs.

On-Line Education Working Group Chair

Julie Mendez-DeLeon
Deputy Director of Education, American Federation of Government Employees
Phone 202-639-6463
Cell 202-374-1923