Updated April 18

As the world is swept up in the Covid-19 pandemic, major disruptions are happening in all our lives. Like every other organization, UALE must figure out how to keep functioning: what activities must be cancelled or postponed, what can we continue to do by moving online, what resources can we pull together to help our members and constituents, what might we be able to contribute in our roles as educators.

Unfortunately, the regional gatherings planned for this year have all been cancelled or postponed, as have the Women''s Summer Schools.  We are hoping to re-schedule at least some of these events for later in the year. Of course, we do not know how long this epidemic will last. We will post updates on our 2020 UALE regional meetings page or the Women's Schools page, as appropriate. If the pandemic drags on for months, we will look for ways to hold these events online, if necessary. As UALE VP/Union Amanda Pacheco says in the UALE newsletter, "...these events provide inspiration and resources for our ongoing collective work, and that doesn’t go away. Our network is used to finding creative ways to build community. So, please plan to participate as opportunities are made available".

On the more positive side, many UALE members are involved in pulling together reliable information, lists of resources for union members and other working people, and examples of pro-worker legislation or contract language; in developing workshops and in other ways making a positive contribution to keeping our most vulnerable people safe and financially afloat during this crisis. If you are either looking for good information on what unions and other worker organizations are doing around Covid-19; or have some information to share, the UALE listserv is a very useful tool to send out a message to toerh labor educators. If you are not yet a member of the listserv, you can sign up by clicking on the button about half way up the home page.