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UALE Documents
Resolutions from Immigration/Globalization Working group to EBoard, UALE Conference, 2012
pdf Resolution on Future Work on the Cananea Copper Strike by UALE (223 KB) , UALE Conference, 2011 pdf
Reports, Articles and Statements
document Colombia Labor Report Report of Witness for Peace delegation to Colombia, Aug. 2012. Two UALE members, Ruth Needleman and Mary Bellman, were members of the WfP Delegation.
pdf The Colombian Action Plan Related to Workers Rights (1.24 MB) : "The Colombian Action Plan Related to Workers Rights: The View Through Workers Eyes", a report put out by the AFL-CIO in July, 2012, concludes that the Colombian government has not fully implemented the plan. "...workers report no noticeable change in their ability to exercise their fundamental labor rights."
pdf Workers without Borders (103 KB) . NY Times Op Ed by Jennifer Gordon, advocating concept of "Transnational Labor Citizenship", March 2009.
pdf If not now, when? (3.46 MB)  Article in New Labor Forum by Dan LaBotz, advocating the idea of Open Borders. 2008

Curriculum and Teaching Materials
The TransPacific Partnership: Taking NAFTA Global: PowerPoint presentation by Katherine Sciacchitano and Judy Ancel, presented at UALE Conference April 2013 as a "work in progress". Intended for use with unions and Central Labor Councils, but "too long for the original goal" and "needing feedback". Powerpoint and associated documents (handouts and resource list) can be downloaded from UALE Conference 2013 Papers & Presentations page
document Who is stealing your job?: (2.55 MB) The Political Economy of Immigration. Power Point presentation, April, 2009, by Judy Ancel, UMKC, with help from Mike Prokosch. Focus is on Missouri.
archive Lets Talk Immigration (3.25 MB) : An Interactive workshop promoting public dialogue on immigration. Curriculum Guide, by Alethia Jones and Guillermo Perez. 2009
" document Economic Nationalism, Buy American and Solidarity (2 MB) ": A Curriculum Packet developed by Judy Ancel (University of Missouri-Kansas City, with help from Deborah Rosenstein (Univ. of Minnesota), 2009. document
Aimed at getting non-immigrants (or non "economic refugees") to reexamine the misinformation they are getting in the media and from right wing AM talk shows. Developed by John Kretzschmar, U of Nebraska 
Power Point presentation takes on myths about immigration. Focused on Minnesota, with some national data.
document Labor and the Immigrant Rights Movement (731 KB)  Slideshow developed by UCLA Labor Center. Focus on California. Also, AFL-CIO policy, Immigrant political participation, and Dream Act. 2008(?)
document TESC Spokane Workshop (163 KB) . Outline, handouts and other materials for a workshop for non-immigrant rank and file workers, presented by The Evergreen State College, April 2008.

document Enlace: "Wall Street and Immigration : Dividing America for Profit". Power Point presentation makes case that Wall Street profits from illegal immigration. 2007
pdf Immigrant History Timeline (135 KB) pdf Eight-page timeline of immigration to what is now the United States, stretching from 40,000BCE to 2007.Relates arrivals with historical context, laws and government policy, and what was happening, on the ground. By UMass Labor Extension Program, 2007.

document pdf Immigration Policy and Unions (slides) (3.93 MB) : Exclusion vs. Solidarity. Transparencies for workshop for UALE Northeast Summer School for Union Women, by Janice Fine, Rutgers. 2006
document Immigration Policy and Unions (rap) (85 KB) : Notes to go with slides

document Citizenship Race and Immigration (178 KB) : Trainers Guide for training developed by SEIU, 2004 document
document CR and I Timeline text - English (35 KB) document   Timeline to go with Citizenship, Race and Immigration workshop above
document CR and I Timeline text - Spanish (50 KB) document  Spanish version of sam

pdf Globalization for Beginners Charts explaining how globalization works, developed by United for a Fair Economy (UFE). 2002


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