The Young Worker and Activist Working Group will develop resources, encourage leadership, and respond to the professional development needs of younger (18 – 35 year old) workers, union members, labor educators, and activists. We will encourage the intentional practice of developing political consciousness, including the importance of unions and worker centers as we provide a professional and academic space for staff working on internship and youth labor education programs. We will create structures to promote the sharing of curriculum and identify best practices to engage younger workers within the broad labor movement. We seek to serve within UALE by focusing on the challenge of building a more intergenerational labor movement that draws upon the talents and responds to the needs of both experienced and emerging labor activists.

Who We Are
Our group is open to all workers, union members and staff, labor educators, students and faculty interested in discussing the opportunities and challenges in working with and developing younger leaders in the Labor Movement. Some topics of interest include, but are not limited to: best practices for student internship programs in labor, supporting students and young workers, skills training, team-building, anti-oppression work, leadership development, bridging inter-generational gaps, providing career services and identifying points of future collaboration between members of the group.


Alicia Flores
UC Berkeley Labor Center

Sarah Hughes
National Education Association

Additional members: Cheryl Coney, NEA; Liz Espinoza, UCLA Labor Center; Silvia Fabela, AFL-CIO; Darby Frye, WA State; Sarah Laslett, University of Oregon; Deanna Richards, AFSCME Union Scholars; Patrick Scott, AFL-CIO Union Summer; Nick Wertsch, Kalmanovitz Initiative

Join Us
To learn more about the working group, or to join, please contact one of the co-chairs. You can also log into the UALE site. Go to "Working Groups"> "Manage your membership" and then click on the box(es) for any you want to join, including ours.