The Immigration and Globalization working group (IGWG) had a full track of
great workshops at the UALE 2014 conference in LA.  These sessions
included presenters from Colombia, Morocco, Palestine, Vietnam and Brazil.
 Thanks to all of the workshop presenters and especially to the AFL-CIO
Solidarity Center for coordinating four of the panels and funding the
international travel for many of the workshop participants. The topics
included: Combatting child labor through trade law and union organizing;
the failure of the Labor Action Plan in protecting workers' rights in
Colombia; new organizing for the new economy; inclusive offsite organizing
efforts in Morocco and Palestine; strengthening international partnerships
in labor education and worker empowerment, Vietnam case study; winning
against multinationals, and a report on incarceration and deportation in
the US.

IGWG Meeting at UALE conference report:
Mary Bellman, myself, Robin Clark Bennett and José Soler were there and we
had a brief discussion.  Mary and I are willing to be the co-chairs for
another year.

As part of our work last year, we submitted four working group proposals,
and identified several more from those submitted to the conference
planning committee to make up a full track of IGWG workshops.  We made a
conscious effort to make sure the internationally themed sessions were
framed around issues (as comparative examples that could be helpful for
our work.)   As in other years, the conference had a lot of great
workshops concurrent with our sessions, so sometimes the participation in
the IGWG track was lower than what we wanted.  This is understandable, but
disappointing, especially when some of the presenters traveled to the
conference from another country.  My suggestion is that if we are going to
continue to submit proposals for a full track as a working group, members
should try to attend at least one session. For the 2015 conference, we
could submit proposals as a working group, or alternatively, work with the
overall conference committee to make sure there are workshops and
plenaries that reflect a global perspective and issues related to
immigration.  I will be on the conference planning committee.

Thanks to Tony Michael, Kent Wong (and the rest of the planning committee
and E Board) for all of their hard work on this year's conference.

Helen Moss