UALE Immigration/Globalization Working Group

April 19, 2013, Toronto

Meeting Minutes submitted by Judy Ancel

Attendance: Helen Moss and Judy Ancel, co-chairs; Susan Winning, Don Taylor, Dick Roman, Katherine Sciacchitano, Ruth Needleman, Paul Iverson (for Robin Clark-Bennett), Howard Kling, Michael Childress, Kate Shaughnessy, Mary Bellman, Tess Ewing, Charlie Fanning, Alayne Unterberger, Alma Couverthié, Jane Slaughter, Bruce Nissen, .

Helen Moss chaired the meeting. Action items are in italics.

Brief evaluation of working group’s track at this conference:

  • Ruth: Attendance for some of our sessions was small. We shouldn’t abandon the track but should reframe and look for topics useful to broader audience.
  • Susan: She was torn because she’s also in the PopEd group. It’s harder to integrate this kind of work. We should focus more on how do you talk about globalization and immigration issues.
  • Tess: Interest in immigration and globalization is rising. We should do more demonstration workshops, collaborating with PopEd. Perhaps we should be more selective of what is proposed.
  • Mary: Reflecting on several years, some of the topics felt not connected to what she does. We should be more strategic, discuss how to teach about these issues and more strategic about framing issues.
  • Judy: We accepted almost all proposals, had no criteria for Canadian proposals and we also welcomed proposals from Solidarity Center – topics may be a stretch for some.
  • Katherine: We should use the list serve better.
  • We passed around a sign-up sheet for list serve, and 13 signed, most were new
  • Kate: She had no background for some of the sessions so it was hard to engage.
  • Susan: The mission of the working group includes providing resources for UALE and integrating the issues.
  • Ruth: We should be more issue oriented, e.g. how is contingent work being fought and incorporate the national with the global.
  • Alayne: In anthropology conference they co-brand plenaries and other events with tags in the program for particular interest/issue groups in the organization
  • Helen: The program was very hard to read. The day should be at the top of each page.
  • Make sure all this gets followed up on in next year’s program and that report to E-board is done.

Election of Co-chairs for 2013-14

Helen Moss and Mary Bellman were elected co-chairs.


Should the committee be playing any role on CIR or TPP?

  • Katherine: on TPP we should work with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. They have good material; we could offer to help make it more worker-friendly
  • Minnesota has materials, needs to post them on UALE Immig/Glob web site
  • Jane: Labor Notes would love to post materials on their website. Remind them.
  • Manny: we could do a publication with Labor Notes on the TPP
  • Kate: CWA wants more curriculum on these issues and can pay
  • Ruth: wants to do a film on labor rights in Colombia to expose what free trade means in reality. It should be short, usable. Could we ask UALE for some seed money for film?
  • Katherine: we need a time line. A TPP pamphlet should come first.
  • Manny: Could we get Naomi Kline to help with a video.
  • Susan proposed a motion to make pamphlet on TPP and video on Colombia a project of the working group and to submit a request for funding to the UALE Board. Passed unanimously. Sub-committee to make a video proposal including: Ruth, Katherine, Mary, Howard and Manny.
  • Helen: Immigration reform is a huge opportunity for unions to help immigrants with entire process, including citizenship.
  • Judy: We should propose training materials – like a Unions 101 – that could be used
  • Resources could include bilingual website, Casa Maryland labor history, brochure for website to help people register, UMass and U of Iowa materials.
  • We set up a committee of Helen, Susan, Kate to work on materials for unions to help immigrants take advantage of CIR.
  • Several people suggest we analyze the Senate Bill for CIR. We can take different parts, analyze and raise questions. Also share others’ positions. (NELP, lawyers groups) We set up a group to handle this discussion on our list serve: Paul, Helen, Manny, Michael. Send them links.





Mary Bellman

University of Minnesota

Helen Moss

University of Oregon

Judy Ancel

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Susan Winning*

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Tess Ewing*

University of Massachusetts-Boston

Robin Clark-Bennett

University of Iowa

Paul Iversen

University of Iowa

Dick Roman*

Don Taylor*

University of Wisconsin

Manny Ness*

Brooklyn College

Katherine Sciacchitano*

National Labor College

Ruth Needleman*

University of Indiana retired now NLC

Howard Kling

University of Minnesota

Michael Childers*

University of Wisconsin

Kate Shaughnessy*


Charlie Fanning*


Alayne Unterberger*


Alma Couverthié*

Casa Maryland

Jane Slaughter

Labor Notes

Bruce Nissen*


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