IGWG conference call


Kent Wong, Kate Conradt, Claudia, Judy Ancel, Ruth Needleman, Tess Ewing, Helen Moss, Howard Kling, Susan Winning, Mary Bellman, Katherine Schiacchitano

Notes: Helen Moss

Kent reported that three plenary sessions are planned for at the 2013 UALE conference:

  1. -       An exchange between labor educators in CA and US about immigration issues, labor law and organizing
  2. -       A panel about austerity, that would include speakers from Europe and perhaps Brazil
  3. -       Innovations in Labor Education

Judy will talk to D’Arcy about the first two plenary sessions to see if he wants us to help/participate in some way.

We decided to submit a track of workshops from our working group. We have six proposals from our group, plus possibly two more that were submitted directly to UALE, and one proposal that was submitted to the popular education work group.

Submitted to IWIG:

Precarious and Dangerous: Work in Colombia under the FTA/Labor Action Plan

Ruth Needleman; Mary Bellman; Carlos Cruz. Sent to the IWIG listserv today, Ruth has a few revisions that she will add and re-send out.

Organizing Models for Migrant Workers in Asia

Tim Ryan, Asia Regional Director, Solidarity Center. Sent to the IWIG list. He plans to bring in additional speakers.

Building Labor Citizenship and Citizen Unions: Models for Advancing Worker Rights and Labor Struggle in Latin America.

Molly McCoy, Americas Regional Director, Solidarity Center. Sent to the IWIG list. She plans to bring in additional speakers.

The Immigrant Youth Movement: The Dream Act, DACA, and Dream University

Speakers: Kent Wong, UCLA, Dan Katz, National Labor College, Judy Ancel, University of Missouri. Sent to the IWIG list today.

China - Advancing the Field of Labor Education in China

Facilitators: Greg Mantsios, CUNY, Kent Wong, UCLA, Elaine Bernard, Harvard

Cathy Feingold, AFL-CIO. Sent to the IWIG list today.

The Trans Pacific Partnership will be submitted by Judy Ancel and Katherine Sciacchitano.

Proposals that were submitted directly to UALE that seem to fit in our track and that we felt were innovative:

Working for the “Worst Company in the World” Canadian, Brazilian and Mozambican Workers Compare. Judith Marshall, USWA.

Retail Workers Organizing: Locally, Nationally and Globally. Sabrina Butt. Judy will contact her to see if they have a global (cross border) perspective on organizing.

There is also a proposal from the popular education group that could fit with our track or the Popular Education group:

A Tool for Transformation and Solidarity: Bilingual Popular Education. Jeannette Huezo and Steve Schnapp. Susan needs to meet with the Popular Education group about the proposals submitted directly to UALE and get back to us about this proposal.

Next meeting: We might need to meet again before the conference, and we want to meet at the conference, as we did last year. Helen will ask Tony about working group time slots at UALE. Note – I checked the tentative agenda and there is time set aside on Friday, 12 – 2 for working group meetings, also Thursday and Friday at 6 pm.