I.       Assessing the Role of Immigration and Globalization Working Group II.   UALE 2012 conference Next meeting Sept 30

Minutes Immigration/Globalization working group meeting August 26, 2011 Conference Call 1pm Central Time

I. Call to order, roll call Judy Ancel called the meeting to order at 1:00pm Central Time.

Present: Mary Bellman, Tess Ewing, Howard Kling, co-chairs Judy Ancel and Robin Clark-Bennett. II. Assessing the Role of Immigration and Globalization Working Group

  1. How can the working group best serve the needs of labor educators?

· Robin proposed that we more explicitly balance the conference planning role of the working group with other roles, for example: curriculum sharing, compiling information about immigration/globalization initiatives and actions involving unions around the country, discussion of the role of labor education in these topics, policy updates. · Mary recalled that, while conference planning took up most of the group’s time last year, the group was originally created with a broader mission. Tess and Judy agreed that the group has, in the past, focused more on sharing examples of immigration/globalization curriculum.

  1. Survey of current UALE list

· Tess suggested that we might consider distributing a survey to the full UALE listserv to determine what people are doing on immigration/globalization and the kinds of needs they would like this working group to prioritize. · Mary agreed, but raised a concern that the survey should have a clear purpose, to craft questions that would bring useful and comparable answers. She suggested a Survey Monkey survey with options to click, as well as open-ended questions, to help focus our results.

· The group agreed to draft a survey with no more than 10 questions. One question, for example, could ask educators which issues related to immigration/globalization are currently the subject of labor/community action in their states, such as: wage theft (Iowa is having a conference on this with Kim Bobo in February), construction of new detention facilities, building trades and states banning PLAs and increased use of immigrant labor, DREAM act, new local and state immigration laws. Another question could ask: is your labor education program doing work around federal immigration reform, local and state laws, trade policy, wage theft, domestic worker organizing, global solidarity, etc. · Judy added that work such as the Cananea trip is an example of an entirely different approach, compared with curriculum development and education. Should our working group be developing more projects like this?

  1. · Robin agreed to distribute a first draft of survey questions by next week. Responses to current opportunities and challenges in our states

· Robin gave examples of actions taking place in Iowa: rise in wage theft and organizing around this issue by National People’s Action affiliate and worker centers; struggles over permits to create immigrant detention facilities; presentation at Iowa Federation of Labor conference by filmmaker Luis Argueta who screened the recent documentary “abUSed, the Postville Raid” and other college-based screenings of this film in Iowa. · Judy discussed the film “Locked Out” (about the Rio Tinto struggle) as an example of a recent film that illustrates important lessons about globalization.

· Mary proposed that we create a film list on the UALE website, since this may be a more accessible approach for many labor ed. programs who would like to raise and discuss immigration/globalization issues with participants (could include AbUSed by Luis Argueta who is available for screenings, Locked Out by Joan Sekler "> who is also available for screenings, and the Cananea video). There was general agreement that this would be a great resource, and could be one of the survey questions: films you recommend, relating to immigration and globalization?

III. UALE 2012 conference · Judy reviewed deadlines for the 2012 conference: individual proposals due by Oct 15, Nov 15deadline for working group proposals. E-Board is selecting the plenary topics, so our working group should submit ideas soon.

· Judy suggested we propose a panel about global labor solidarity. The group discussed possible speakers, including: Leo Gerard (USW), John Hovis (UE), Larry Cohen (CWA), Baldemar Velasquez (FLOC). Panelists would discuss questions like: what steps unions are taking to implement global solidarity strategies, how to deal with solidarity in a recession, how to educate and involve members in international work. Judy will draft a proposal and circulate it to those present for feedback before sending it to the UALE Executive Board. · Robin raised the recent abuse of student visa workers in Hershey, PA – there was discussion about whether this could be part of a possible plenary topic. The group also discussed Dan La Botz’s idea of inviting a Dreamer to speak about their movement.

· Tess will send an email on the listserv, soliciting ideas for conference workshops, to stimulate discussion for our next meeting. She will also · Tess will also upload Cananea materials onto the UALE website.

Next meeting: Friday, Sept 30 at 1pm central time.

Respectfully submitted by co-coordinators Robin Clark-Bennett and Judy Ancel, Aug 27, 2011