Our Mission

The State Federation and Central Labor Council (CLC) Working Group brings together labor educators, researchers and unionists interested in promoting the work of AFL-CIO central bodies.

The group is currently working with the AFL-CIO to engage labor educators in researching initiatives designed to revitalize labor’s political, community and organizing efforts in the South.

In recent years the group has finished several research projects.  One analyzed the relatively successful efforts of AFSCME and the IBEW to get their affiliates engaged with their central labor bodies.  Another documented and evaluated the work of new young worker groups that are part of or have affiliated with central labor councils. A third documented the ways in which university-based labor educators work with and support the transformation of labor councils and federations. These experiences have been shared at the annual UALE conference and through other means.

For ten years the working group drove the Building Regional Power Research Project along with the AFL-CIO State Fed/CLC Advisory Committee and AFL-CIO Staff. The project documented how local labor movements are developing systematic strategies for achieving regional power. Such strategies integrate significant coalition building, sophisticated political action, non-profit research arms, a progressive agenda for regional economic development, and concrete policy and organizing victories. Research conducted tells the story of labor and community innovation in places such as Los Angeles, San Jose, Denver, Houston, Cleveland, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and more. The materials were designed to circulate widely within and outside the labor movement and made a significant contribution to debates over the future role of central labor councils and state federations.  The research fed into a book length study entitled A New New Deal: How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement, by Amy Dean and David Reynolds, published by Cornell University Press.  As this model continues to grow the work group's materials are still very relevant. Look for the case studies to be available in the resource section of this page.

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Co Chairs: 

David Reynolds
University of MIchigan

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To learn more about the working group, or to join, please contact David Reynolds.

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