"A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess."

 – A. Philip Randolph


Conference Schedule &

Labor Tour Awards
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 Full Conference Program Now Available

Note: The full conference program book has gone to the printer, and can be downloaded as a pdf using the link on the right side of this page.


New, March 23: Time set aside for regional meetings. See "Conference Schedule", below.


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Conference Schedule and Format


See an overview of the conference schedule on the Conference Schedule page. Details of concurrent sessions and plenaries can be downloaded using the Schedule Details link on the right side of this page.

Regional Meetings:  This being an off-election year with no scheduled regional get-together, the E-Board set aside a time and a place for the four UALE regions to meet if they'd like. (If the Canadian brothers and sisters would like to meet at this same time, please let Tony Michael or me know and we'll get you a room as well.) The time will be on Wednesday after the bus tour and before the plenary, from 1:00 - 1:50 p.m. The rooms, arranged by Tony, are:

  • East: St. Johns;
  • South: Sarasota;
  • Midwest: Hillsborough;
  • West: Pinellas

Topics may include sharing news, addressing problems, letting folks know about upcoming events, including the Women's Summer Schools, and laying plans for other future regional activities, We in the Western States group will honor one of our own who is retiring, Lynn Feekin of the University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center.

If folks in your region would like to meet, please take advantage of this opportunity to do so. 

In solidarity,

Bill Shields, Western States Rep


Conference format

Sessions will vary in structure to provide a robust conference experience for presenters and participants.

Concurrent Sessions are simultaneous 2 hour sessions. These sessions will offer some combination of the formats below.

Panel Sessions combine a number of presenters who present and discuss their work on a similar topic. Each presenter will have equal time to present their work. After all presenters have presented their work, there will be a joint time at the end for questions and discussion. The idea is that by combining different aspects of a topic, rich discussion among presenters and the audience will ensue. Session chairs will be appointed and time will be available for chairs and panelists to meet prior to the session.

Paper Sessions  may be comprised of research papers, case studies, reports related to labor education, etc. These sessions combine presenters who present and discuss their work, generally on a related topic. Each presenter will be provided with equal time to present their work, after which time the session chair will lead discussion. Session chairs will be appointed prior to the conference and time will be available for chairs and panelists to meet prior to the session. While a paper may be accepted based upon its proposal, full-length manuscripts are expected by the time of the conference in March 2014.

Poster Sessions  provide an opportunity to present and discuss a single theme or relevant topic in an informal setting, somewhat like an exhibit hall or information fair. A good poster session centers on one main theme, presents useful information, and stimulates discussion. Presenters prepare a display that captures their topic and ideas in easily understood printed text and graphics on a board no larger than 30”x40.” As conference attendees visit the display, presenters will have the opportunity to discuss their poster topic with them. Presenters should prepare a few remarks that will welcome attendees to their poster. It is helpful to provide handouts for participants with presenters’ contact information to facilitate further discussion. Poster sessions are often an informal blend of presentation and dialogue.

Roundtable Discussions provide an opportunity to discuss labor education issues, research in progress, or other relevant topics with a small group in an informal setting around a table or in a circle of chairs.

Teaching Demonstration Sessions engage participants in an interactive manner that simulates a particular workshop or demonstrates a labor education technique, particularly popular education. The demonstration is typically followed by discussion of the technique(s) demonstrated and the uses to which they might be put.

Working Group Sessions are organized by some working groups around their respective areas of interest.

Workshop Sessions are similar to teaching demonstration sessions in that they typically engage participants in an interactive manner that facilitates group participation in some form.

Plenary Sessions  are two hour all-assembly sessions designed to engage conference attendees in important areas of labor education. Plenary sessions are determined by UALE’s Executive Board.

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Labor Tour

Before the conference officially begins, there will be a tremendous cultural opportunity.  There is a chartered bus that will take participants to Ybor City.  Ybor City is the original "Cigar City", and home to still-functioning mutual-aid societies that we will visit. Founded in 1886, Ybor quickly became the hotbed or organizing and fighting for workers' rights in early Florida. Learn more about the city and its rich history at YborCityOnline.com

The cost is $30 in advance, or $35 on the day of the program (lunch included).

The tour will leave the hotel at 8:00 am and arrive back at 1:00 pm

Secure your seat in advance to lock in the advance price and ensure space on the tour. To sign uo, email your name and contact information to:

You can download an informational flyer here:   pdf Labor Tour 2015 (239 KB)


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UALE Achievement Awards 2015

UALE gives five awards at the Awards Luncheon at our annual conference. In 2015, the Awards Luncheon will be from 12-2 pm on March 28 at the Doubletree Hotel (Universal Studios) in Orlando Florida.

The purpose of the awards is to generate interest and active participation on the part of UALE members in recognizing the best practices and products coming out of our field of labor education. As established, the participation of UALE members in the nominating and selection process is vital.
The award categories are:

  1. Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Labor Education in 2014
  2. Best Published Book 2013-14  related to labor education
  3. Lifetime Achievement Award  for outstanding contributions in the field.
  4. New Generation Award for the best first paper presentation (This award is for a student or labor educator who is presenting for the first time at a UALE conference and is new to labor education.) See section above: "Call for Student Papers/New Generation Award"
  5. Labor Studies Journal Best Article Award for article published in 2013-2014.

Winners of three of the awards are chosen before the conference. This year's winners are:

For Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Labor Education in 2014: Black Worker Centers (Steven Pitts, UC Berkeley Labor Center and Lola Smallwood Cuevas, UCLA Labor Center)

Steven Pitts   Lola Smallwood Cuevas


For Best Published Book 2013-14 related to labor education: What Did You Learn At Work Today? The Forbidden Lessons of Labor Education (Helena Worthen, Hard Ball Press, 2014)

Helena Worthen    


For Lifetime Achievement Award : Edgar Moore, retired, William Brennan Institute for Labor Studies, University of Nebreaska, Omaha

Edgar Moore


Please join us in celebrating these deserving winners at the closing banquet.


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Notice:Online registration has now been closed. Registration will be available at the conference with cash or check payment.


(after January 31)*
Member 350
Non-member 450
labor educator
Low income, student
or unemployed
One-day attendance 150
Vendor table
(Vendor must register as a conference participant for this rate.)


How to Register

After March 11, please register at the conference with a check or cash.

For conference or registration information, contact Tony Michael at

Financial assistance for Community-based organizations UALE has established a grant to help one or more community-based organizations defray the costs of attending the conference.



The Conference will take place at the Doubletree at Universal Studios
5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Conference rate: $129 per night 

Contact the hotel directly for accomodations

Keep checking this page for updates.

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Save the Date!

UALE Conference 2016

"Connecting the Dots: Labor, Community, and Education"

  • April 13-16
  • Washington, DC

  Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University
  800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Call for Proposals expected June 2015

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