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Blue Text is for bi-lingual requests - final bi-lingual sessions tbd

Green Text is for sessions of the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association (PNLHA)

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Note: The sessions are listed on this page vertically by day and time, (as on the conference page) and horizontaly by room. This is different from arrangement on the pdf download of the schedule, where sessions are listed vertically by day and by room, and horizontally by time.


Thursday Concurrent Sessions     
 room  Mercer A Mercer B Orcas A Orcas B San Juan
 10:30 - noon Black/Sopoci-Belknap- Legalize Democracy -- Promoting Human and Labor Rights Over Corporate Rights LSJ paper session: 
  • Eidline & Uetricht - U.S. Union Decline, Revitalization, and the Missing “Militant Minority”
  • House & Gray - Building Our Collective Power: Neoliberalism, Resistance, and Socialist Education at Pearson Airport; Winslow - Marx On The Relation Of “Labor” To “Socialism”
  • Devinatz - Left-Wing SPA-Led Unions and CPUSA-Led Unions as the Vanguard of US Social Democracy’s Left-Wing, Circa 1935 to 1950

Kidney/Laslett -
Having Effective Conversations Across the Political Divide

Dickson/King/Lyons/Fortado -
Action-Oriented Research Advancing Progressive Labor Policies


Winning/Argyres - Addressing Micro-aggressions and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Labor/Union Issue
 1:30 - 3:00

Byrd/Skinner/Zabin/Uehlein -
At theTable or on the Menu? Educating Labor for Climate Policy Work 

Scholarship Slam

  • Daria - The Slaves of the 21st Century: Organizing Mexico's First Grassroots Farmworkers Union;
  • Brooks - Seize the Moment: Labor Education and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 
Rajendra/Kling/Fernandez -
Getting in to it: Productively, Directly Discussing White & Economic Nationalism 
Rosenblum/Sawant/Ross - Learning in the Streets: Political Theory, Political Practice, and Contemporary Struggle in the Fight for $15

Shaughnessey/Frye/Coney -

Tools of the Trade: Strengthening Union Women's Voices

 3:30 - 5:30

Bussel/De La Cruz/Willman/ Sandoval- "The Care Revolution": The Transformation of Home Health Care in Oregon


Scholarship Slam:

  • Kaminski - What Makes a Good Union Leader: Evidence from the Harvard Trade Union Program;
  • Woods - Making the Case for Union Membershhip: The Strategic Value of New Hire Orientations;
  • Geraci - Teaching Labor Information Literacy in an Information Avalanche 

Weidling/Kidney/ De Jesus -
AFSCME's Beyond Bias and Other Tools for Fighting Injustice


(cancellation: free space)


Viveiros/Lee/McKay/Williams - Community-based and Worker-engaged Research: Lessons from the Field of Participatory Action Research


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Friday Concurrent Sessions
room Mercer A Mercer B Orcas A Orcas B San Juan
8:30 - 10

Chock/Ryan/Gutierrez/Waters -
International Labor Solidarity - An Asia Perspective


Scholarship Slam:

  • Glass - What CA Labor History has to Tell us about Resistance in the Time of Trump;
  • Black - Racism, Anti-Racism Education, and the Future of Home Care Unionism;
  • Wade - Are Teachers the New "Welfare Queens?" CPS and the Illinois Budget Stalemate
Farrell -
Let's Make Labor Education Fun for Kids!


Fortado/Twarog/Schmidt/ Story - "Masking the Violence: Examining the Workplace as a Site of Violence

O'Malley & Ewing - Demonstrating the Value of Popular Education - 1 of 2



10:30 - noon

Wong, Romero, Chavez, Galvez -
DACA and the Future of the Dreamers

Scholarship Slam:

  • DeFreitas - Connecting the Classroom and the Community with a Labor Journal;
  • Juravich - Rethinking Strategic Campaigns: Power, Targets and Tactics;
  • Ross/Savage - Labor Under Attack: The Dynamics of Anti-Unionism In Canada
O'Farrell/Martin -
Tradeswomen History Workshop: Learning from the Past to Change the Future
Flores/Frye/Hughes - Confronting #MeToo - Sexual Assault in the Workplace  O'Malley & Ewing - Demonstrating the Value of Popular Education - 2 of 2

1:30 - 3:00

Panel/Film -
Kling/Bielski-Boris/Nolasco Gómez-
Janitors Campaign in the Twin Cities


Scholarship Slam:

  • Bell/Chong/Watt - Labour Education and the White-Collar Worker;
  • Larson - Bridge-Building in the Age of Trump: Labor Education, Coalitions, and Shared Strategies;
  • Thomas - Contesting Right-Wing Populism in Urban Spaces: Challenges and Strategies 
Young Worker Working Group Meeting 

(cancellation: free space)

Cunnngham/Ashby - No More Status Quo: Using the "Dual Case Study" Method to Build Union Leadership 

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Saturday Concurrent Sessions
room Mercer A Mercer B Orcas A Orcas B San Juan Horizon and Alpine
9:50 -11:00           PNLHA panel
Honey/Fletcher/Wong/De Jesus -
Fifty Years Since King and Our Continuing Fight for Economic Justice
10:30 - noon Nack:
Divided We Fall - documentary film on Wisconsin, 2011
Stewart/Bellisimo/Restrepo -
Shared Struggle: Public Schools as Territories of Peace in Colombia's Conflict Zone

Worker Writer Working Group Meeting



Reichert -
Discussion of Our Time Has Come film and its uses


O'Malley/Huezo/Arroyo Montano-
The Stacked Deck: A New Popular Economics Education Resource


PNLHA Sessions ongoing

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