• Electronic devices silent
  • Go to microphone if you want to speak
  • Listen and debate with respect
  • Time Limits – 5 minutes for reports and 1 minute to comment


The conference evaluation will be on “Survey Monkey”

2012 Conference

Our next conference will be at the Westin in Pittsburgh, Pa. from March 21 to March 25, 2012.

The following members appointed for the Conference committee: Carol Anderson, Carla Insinga, Verlene WIlder, Deb Kidney, Jim Dunphy and Helena Worthen*.

2013 Conference

D’Arcy Martin reported on efforts to set up our 2013 Conference in Toronto Canada.

A motion was made, seconded and approved that our 2013 Conference be held in Toronto, Canada.


Treasurer, Dawn Addy proposed a budget 2012. A motion to accept the budget was moved, seconded and approved.

Web Site

The following members appointed for the Web Redesign Committee: Tracy Chang, Tess Ewing, Susan Moir, Maureen Rizzi, Cheryl Teare*, Joe Vargo, Marquita Walker and Mike Wisniewski.


Cate Poe delivered her   pdf Update on UALE Membership Drive from Cate Poe (583 KB) .

The following members were appointed to the membership committee: Sally Alvarez, Elise Bryant, Bob Bussel, Lynda Deloach, Mary Alice Heretick, Joan Hill*, Cathy Howell, Lynda Deloach and Maureen Rizzi.

Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee reported that there were 47 participants at their luncheon.  The caucus decided to recommit to the “Women’s Summer Schools” and establish a funding committee. Monica Boris-Bielski reported that the caucus decided to send a “Fact Finding Tour” of the Avondale shipyard.  The following resolution was offered by Tess Ewing.


That UALE give our official endorsement to the fact finding delegation to Avondale being organized by the “Women’s Caucus” , so that it will be recognized as an official UALE delegation."

The resolution was approved.

Immigration and Globalization

The ”Immigration and Globalization” working  group suggested that and Immigration and Globalization track be established.


Are working on next year’s conference issue but they need submissions.

CLC Working Group

A meeting is scheduled later in the day.

Online Education Working Group

Spoke about increasing our presence and guarding against abuses.

Workers of Color Committee

A meeting is scheduled later in the day.

Other Resolutions


The following members were appointed to the nominations committee for the election next year: Joe Berry, Linda Sneed, Rae Sovereign* and Cory Taliaferro.

Director’s Lunch

Bob Bussel reported that at the lunch the attacks on Public Service Workers’ were explored.

New Business

It was suggested that members visit “People for Corporate Tax Breaks” for an entertaining view of government finances in Canada.

*designates the chair of the respective committee throughout

Adjourned 6:10 pm.