2018 UALE Conference

Southern Region Meeting

Submitted by: Amanda Pacheco

There were five people in attendance at the Southern Region meeting.

Because there were people in the room who were attending UALE for the first time, a great deal of the discussion focused on the history of UALE and its mission.

In addition, the members who have been around for a while shared ways that new folks can benefit from UALE and ways that they can participate and become active.

There was also a brief question and answer session.

Everyone shared their contact information for further networking and engagement.

UALE General Membership Meeting

April 6, 2018

Seattle, WA

 (subject to approval by membership)

Opening Remarks

  • Rules of Meeting were presented and accepted
  • Special guests were recognized
  • Introductions of Executive Board
  • It was determined that a quorum had been met

President’s Report – Cheryl Teare

  • Remarks of appreciation for board members serving from 2014-2018
  • A moment of silence was observed in appreciation and remembrance of Carolyn Jacobs and her contributions to the labor community
  • Recognized 42 years of UALE women’s summer schools and their continued success
  • Commented on UALE accomplishments for 2018
    • Get Cheryl’s Notes

The Board and the membership recognized Cheryl Teare for her work and commitment to UALE throughout her terms as president.

Secretary’s Report – Amanda Pacheco

  • Minutes from the 2017 Membership Meeting were provided to members in advance
  • Minutes were presented to the membership for approval
  • An amendment to the minutes was made to reflect the location of the Northeast Summer School
  • Minutes were accepted

Treasurer’s Report – Debra Kidney

  • Reviewed the budget handout that was provided to members
  • Budget for individual dues was $15K and brought in $21K
  • Have a constitutional requirement to hold 25% of assets in reserves
  • Total current assets at $121K with pending conference expenses to pay out
  • Income does not keep up with expenditures
  • Reported that 152 people had registered for the conference
  • The 2019 Proposed Budget was presented
    • Changes to the budget were reviewed
    • Less allocated for conference expenses
    • Reserves were discussed for clarification
    • Discussion from the floor regarding the elimination of the line item for Young Worker Scholarships
  • Amendment on the floor is to reinstate the line item for Young Worker Scholarships for $1500 by eliminating three specific line items – Conference Miscellaneous, Entertainment, and Tour

Treasurer’s Report and proposed budget accepted for filing as amended

Women’s Summer School Task Force – Stephanie Furtado

  • Reported that there the committee needs people to participate
  • Encouraged people to sign-up to volunteer

Conference Task Force – Mary Bellman

  • Reported that focus of task force is to make funding sustainable and improve the structure
  • Reviewed the expenses for the conference
  • All of the work is done by an unpaid board – no staff
  • Mary reviewed the proposed ideas which included every other year and flexible dates
  • Discussion on the floor included:
    • Arguments for keeping on an annual schedule versus every other year
    • Ensuring that the conference is accessible – specifically for community orgs
    • Regional meetings are an option for “off” years
    • Economic alternatives to hotel settings
    • Partnering with organizations that share similar values
  • The ask was to receive feedback from each region by September in order to plan for 2020


  • Elections were held by the Election Committee: Chair Darcy Martin, Judy Ancel, and Jeannette Huezo with the following results:
  • Mary Bellman elected President by acclamation
  • Emily Labarbera-Twarog was elected Secretary by acclamation
  • Jason Kozlowski was elected Higher Ed Vice President by acclamation
  • Amanda Pacheco was elected Union Vice President by acclamation
  • Susan Williams was elected Community Representative by acclamation
  • Kate Shaughnessy was elected Union Representative by acclamation
  • Greg DeFreitas was elected University Representative by acclamation
  • Leslie Lopez was elected At-Large by ballot vote
  • Kai Lai was elected At-Large by ballot vote
  • Cheryl Coney was elected At-Large by ballot vote
  • Liz Espinoza was elected Western Representative by acclamation
  • Sarah Hughes was elected Northeastern Representative by acclamation
  • David Slavin was elected Southern Representative by acclamation
  • Stephanie Fortado was elected Midwestern Representative by acclamation

Labor Studies

  • Bob Bruno reported that the editorial board had decided that the conference theme for next year will focus on the themes of the current situation for teachers, collective bargaining, resistance, and higher ed struggles
  • Members were asked to submit articles, do book reviews, review papers

Women’s Caucus

  • Kate Shaughnessy reported on the 2017 Women’s Summer Schools –
  • 384 women attended
  • Reported on upcoming host organizations for 2018

People of Color Caucus

  • Sherman Henry reported that they want to focus on labor education with intersectionality
  • Will work to host more events/workshops at the next conference that specifically address issues of workers of color
  • Want to expand the outreach of the conference

Committee and Regional Reports

  • All of the committees and regional reports will be submitted in writing to the new secretary of the board, Emily Twarog


UALE General Membership Meeting

April 15, 2016

(Subject to membership approval)

Introductory/Welcome Remarks

  • Recognition of Democracy Spring
  • Recognition of Gallaudet U as a historic site and historic movement
    • 1988 Student movement insisted on having a hearing impaired President
  • Recognize the guest organizations: International Federation of Worker Education Associations and the Domestic Worker Alliance

Next Conference date:

  • April 5-8, 2017 Detroit, MI; Wayne State University is the partner
    • Rethink, Rebuild Revitalize
    • Note that the dates etc. are in the back of the conference brochure

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from 2015 membership meeting and all Eboard meetings are located on the UALE Website
  • Sent out link via Listserve in advance of the conference
  • Moved to accept and passed

President’s report: Major accomplishments since our last meeting

  • Shone a light on women’s schools
  • Issued the report on the Status of Labor Education in Higher Ed in the United States by Helena Worthen
  • Improved our system for financial accounting and record keeping
  • Extended voting rights to Institutional Members
  • As requested by the body changed our dues structure to enhance membership opportunities for lower income members and organizations with fewer resources.
  • Expanded engagement with worker centers and Alt labor
  • Major revisions to Constitution and addition of bylaws
  • Revamped the website, which is now accessible via mobile phones
  • Successful conference in Orlando FL, Midyear meeting and the Curricula Exchange
  • Worked well as a team

Treasurers Report

spreadsheet 2015 Budget Exhibit A (25 KB)

spreadsheet 2016 Budget Exhibit B (26 KB)

  • Ended in the black 2015
  • 2016 projected budget
    • Dues income for both categories of membership is below projections; may be due to changed dues structure
    • Final membership numbers and final conference registration not yet be tallied; expected to go over
    • Women’s summer school, increased funding Second largest spending category
    • Rethink the notion of a balanced budget vs what you want to accomplish as in using your resources for intended purposes.
  • Motion to accept for filing; passed

Present the 2017 budget

spreadsheet 2017 Budget (24 KB)

  • Bad news: Deficit. Good News: Planned deficit
  • Our plan to address this is to aggressively expand our ranks by recruiting more members (individual and institutional) and sponsors
    • Pledge to recruit more members: circulation sheet
  • New budget is based on real numbers vs what we want it to be
  • Approximately 150 members in 2016; not enough
  • Need a bookkeeper
  • Annual conference is costly and getting costlier; need to look at whether we should do our conferences differently; not so fancy
  • $15,000 plus deficit which shows on the income side in conference sponsors
  • Technology issue: WVU has been bringing the equipment for technology; may not be able to in the future
  • Moved seconded and voted affirmatively
  • Extra praise for Lynda taking the time to get the books in order

Elections: Bob Bussel

No need to nominate those that have declared their interest in running

  • President: Cheryl Teare (AFT) by acclamation
  • Union VP: Al Davidoff (AFL-CIO) by acclamation
  • Higher Ed VP: Marilyn Schneiderman (Rutgers) by acclamation
  • Secretary: Amanda Pacheco (IBEW) by acclamation
  • Treasurer: Debra Kidney (AFSCME) by acclamation
  • Union Rep: Julie Mendez DeLeon ( AFGE) by acclamation
  • Community Based: Jeannette Huezo( United for a Fair Economy) by acclamation
  • Higher Ed Rep: Sarah Laslett (University of Oregon) by acclamation
  • Three At Large Seats: (voted winners*)
    • Domenci Bellissimo OSSTF (by acclamation)
    • Cheryl Coney NEA*
    • Guillermo Perez, USW*
    • Jan Schwingshakl, IBEW
  • Eastern Region: Mary Bellman, (PSU) by acclamation
  • Midwest Region: Barb Kucera, (University of MN) by acclamation
  • Western Region: Bill Shields, (City College of San Francisco), by acclamation
  • Southern Region : Keturah Raabe,( IBEW )by acclamation

Labor Studies Journal (Victor Devinatz)

  • Currently have 8500 subscriptions – individual and institutional.
  • Openings on the LSJ Editorial Board coming up. Currently looking for a Media Reviewer.
  • Solicited submissions from the membership.
  • Comments from the floor recommended using the LSJ subscribers as potential membership.
  • Committee Reports

Note Committee membership turns over each years; looking for new members

  • Constitution and Bylaws – Pierre Cote
    • Review of the Proposed Constitutional Changes. 2/3 vote required to pass in block.
    • Question about clarifying the issue of policies (in-house issues are procedures)
    • Policies will be moved and seconded at the Annual Conference; similar to resolutions
    • Constitution committee will determine where they fit when they are submitted in advance to the board; can also be moved and voted in at the floor
    • Requested as to removing any item from the block; no takers
    • Moved to adopt the block, proposed amendments passed
  • Membership- Kitty Conlan for Elissa McBride
  • Forcus of committee work has been centered on individual memberships
  • New flyer created; available for distribution
  • Will be circulating at events where possible
  • Looking to attract members from other “educator” groups like those who teach Occupational Safety and Health, building trades instructors, those presenting at UALE events (conferences and summer schools) and common sense economics presenters
  • Important for us to expand both individual and institutional membership to meet our budget goals
  • Academic Standards/Higher Ed report (Sarah Laslett)
    • Research grants:
      • University Oregon: oral histories of home care workers
      • Michalas in Honduras, support for women’s working rights
      • Promotion of upcoming grant opportunities
  • New Generation award:
    • no submissions for the second year
    • need the Higher Ed folks to step up and promote among their students
  • Worthen report available at the registration desk
  • Conference (Tony Michael)
    • Need suggestions for 2018 conference location
    • Western region can discuss and report back to the board
      • Harrison Hot Springs Vancouver BC
      • Seattle Harry Bridges

Working Groups

  • Online Education (Julie Mendez DeLeon)
    • Interested in digital strategies in general to educate workers
    • Expand to include communications (apps, youtube, etc)
    • Guy Bosworth interested in participating
  • Immigration and Globalization (Mary Bellman)
    • Remind members that the WG is a resource
    • Space on the website and listserve
    • Co-chairs: Camillo Vivietos and Guillermo Perez
  • Popular Education (Riahl O’Malley)
    • Promoting the principles and practices in labor ed
    • Solicit proposals for the conference; several added to the conference agenda
    • Looking for a co-chair Keturah Raabe is interested, as is Vinnie Villano
    • Darby Frey interested in participating
  • Central Labor Councils
    • Reports are at the registration table

Caucus Reports

  • Women’s Caucus (Kate and Gayle)
    • Three summer schools trained close to 400 women (Uof Oregon, DePaul and PSU)
    • Four schools: Flyer UCLA, Indiana U, Rutgers, Florida International U
    • Resolution: (passed)

The United Association for Labor Education endorses the concept of a bridge-building project between labor educators in the US and labor educators in Viet Nam. One part of this project will be building a relationship between the UALE Women’s Caucus and the Women’s Union in Hanoi, initially commencing with a curriculum exchange.

  • Judith Bernier will co-chair with Kate)
  • People of Color Caucus (Alethia Jones)
    • Theme of the conference this year came from the caucus last year
    • Alethia Jones and Gayle Hamilton will be the new co-chairs

New Business:

  • Request to find a less expensive way to host conferences
    • Discuss explicitly by the eboard and report back on listserve etc.
    • Consider moving it chronologically to the summer where we can use a college on campus (dorms)
  • Web moderator: Send Tess pictures and minutes, reports etc.
  • Labor and Working Class History Association, overlap with their needs and sharing information every other year
  • Lynda: Need to change the membership sheet as an errata: add the reserves and the membership numbers (revised report will be included with the minutes)

Meeting Adjourned


Minutes: UALE Membership meeting, March 27, 2015

Approved by membership April 15, 2016

Upcoming key dates:

  • Nov 18, 2015: Curricula exchange
  • Nov 19, 2015: Director meeting
  • Nov 20-21, 2015: UALE Executive Board mid-term meeting

Upcoming Annual Conferences:

  • April 12-15, 2016 in Washington DC
  • 2017 in Detroit (date TBD)

Secretary Report (Kitty Conlan)

  • Reference to these and all minutes on the website
  • Approved by the membership

President Report (Cheryl Teare)

  • Midyear curricula exchange; new initiative prior to the board meeting was popular
  • Bookkeeping system has improved
  • Women’s Schools Research project funded by Berger-Marks; retreat and plan to move forward
  • UALE and AFL-CIO joint funded study on status of labor education programs in higher education
    • $10,000 cost shared by AFL-CIO and UALE 50/50
    • Helena Worthen’s report is complete; gathered important information
    • Still some additional interviews to complete and needs to be formatted for the near future for full use and application
    • Full report coming in the near future
  • Joined forces to support our members in labor education where they are attackedConference success; thanks to Tony Michael and the conference committee
    • UALE letter support for Sarah Laslett at South Seattle College LERC; coordinating with a state based advisory report
  • Thanks to the Executive Board for their work throughout the year

Treasurer Report (Lynda DeLoach)

  • Financial reports provided for years 2014 and 2015 to date (Exhibits A and B)
  • Reminder that we operate on a cash basis
  • 2014 Close out: Finished in the black with $3,300 surplus
  • 2015 budget to dateReport accepted by the membership
    • Still concern over individual membership numbers; below previous years
    • Conference expenses should be within budget
      • 142 persons registered at the conference

2016 budget (Cheryl Teare)

  • High projections of income based on 300 individual members (double our current level)
  • Committing the UALE membership to more active recruitment (one per member)
  • We don’t want to have to cut important UALE programs
  • Interpretation services important to include in conferences to create accessibility for more non English speakers; interpretation services are expensive.
  • Budget is reasonable and doable but depends on more recruitment
  • Budget approved by the membership

Labor Studies Journal (Bob Bruno)

  • Need a new coeditor for the journal
  • Michelle Kaminski is resigning from that post
  • Lynn Feekin is resigning as book editor, need a new one
  • 80 articles submitted, 20% accepted
  • Special RTW in the Midwest edition is coming up
  • Pitch for submissions
  • Recognition for Lynn and Michelle for their work

Committee Reports

Constitution and bylaws (Guillermo Perez)

  • (Major changes circulated; full revised Constitution and New Bylaws made available on the website and at registration)
  • Committee worked on over several months with Board input and Membership Committee
  • If passed will go into effect January 1, 2016
  • Because of the current language of the Constitution, no amendments can be made from the floor; will be able to propose changes in this way if the proposed changes to the Constitution are approved by the membership to go into effect next year.
    • Proposal must be voted up or down in totality
  • Concerns about taking amendments from the floor even with 90% threshold for approvalSubmit recommendations for next year to the Constitution and bylaws committee; look for window period to submit changes
    • Vocal members may drown out voices of less vocal members
    • Potential impact on the budget (still requires 15 day notice for financial changes)
  • Speaking in favor of the motion
  • Move in the right direction; time consuming process to come to where we are

Constitution and Bylaws Committee recommends adoption of the proposed resolution:

Motion:   Be it resolved that the UALE Constitution be amended by deletion of Articles I-XV, substitution of the proposed Articles I to XV and addition of bylaws 1-11 subject to adjustment for error and omission.

  • Passed with a some “nays” and 2 abstentions

Conference Planning (Tony Michael)

  • Gratitude to the committee members

Membership (Elissa McBride)

  • Appeal to each current member to recruit one additional member
  • Assisted with the dues structure changes
  • Worked with the LSJ with respect to a UALE membership ad
  • Promotional of UALE at regional meetings
  • Reminder we are about 1/2 way to the individual membership levels and 2/3rds of the way to the institutional membership levels that have existed at their peak. UALE needs to increase these numbers to survive and thrive financially.

Communications (Paul Iversen in place of Don Taylor)

  • New committee needs to follow up with the committee’s strategic plan

Grants (Sarah Laslett)

  • No student paper prizes; not enough submissions; need more next year
  • Awarded UALE research grant to Ali Rudolfo Bustamante for Unpacking Labor Systems: Analysis of Nicaragua’s EPZ Labor Policies

Working Group Reports

  • CLCs (Jason Kozlowski)
    • Case studies of labor centers and CLCs working together
    • Seeking a labor rep to co-chair (David Reynolds is stepping back)
  • Immigration and Globalization (Mary Bellman)
    • Harvest of Empire screening was successful
    • New co-chair, Camilo Viveiros
    • Recommitted to posting more on line
    • Reviewed the CSE globalization module
  • Popular Ed (Tess Ewing)
    • Haven’t met yet but will meet today
    • Need at least one new co-chair
  • Worker Writers (Tim Sheard)
    • No report
  • K-14 Labor Education (Helena Worthen)
    • Intense discussion as to the urgent need for labor education in the schools
    • Show and tell of California Federation of Teachers materials
    • Need to move things forward
    • Curriculum on workplace rights for High School classes is available on Washington State LERC website
  • Labor Filmmakers
    • No report
  • Online Education
    • Will be meeting online

Caucus Reports

Women’s Caucus: (Kate Shaughnessy)

  • Over 70 people attended luncheon at conference
  • Excited to release the upcoming report on the summer schoolsAnnouncement of upcoming regional women summer schools DePaul (Midwest), FIU (Southern), PSU (Eastern) and Reed College with University of Oregon (LERC)(Western)
    • 430+ women at the four regions
  • UALE Regional reps should coordinate with the women’s schools and help with recruitment for the women’s schools
  • Berker Marks Foundation increased scholarship money by $8000/school, in addition to the $4000/school they already receive. These scholarships are targeted at women 35 and under.

People of Color Caucus (Keturah Raabe)

  • Racial and language justice was the basis and focus of the meeting March 25
  • Report and Resolution (attached) inclusive of the following abridged points:
  1. Plenary on “Racial Justice” at the 2016 UALE conference in Washington D.C.;
  2. Include the newly proposed “Race Commission” of the AFL-CIO, as well as the newly proposed SEIU Committee on Race; discuss ways that the UALE could work with them on plans to advance racial justice;
  3. Special efforts to recruit people of color from the AFL-CIO, national unions, and constituency organizations such as CBTU, APRI, LCLAA, and APALA to attend the 2016 conference;
  4. Should provide interpretation in Spanish to allow for the full participation of immigrant workers;
  5. The UALE should encourage labor educators and labor education programs to integrate racial justice as part of their curriculum

document PoC Caucus Report and Resolution (15 KB) document

New Business

  • 2016 Conference in DC (no conflict with Labor Notes dates); Kellogg Center, Gallaudet University
  • 2017 in Detroit Wayne state, move to have the conference planning committee to explore locations in Detroit; passed.
  • Need Committee Volunteers, posted for sign up

Good and Welfare

  • Amalgamated Transit Union: mandated training and education in 2013 and purchased NLC campus. Will rename it after Rosa Parks and Tommy Douglas. 2015 opening the doors of the campus for using the facility.
  • Rutgers: Lima Peru trip Sept 5-7 for International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA)UCLA Labor Center (Wong): Trade Union College of Vietnam will have Helena Worthen and Joe Berry teaching for 6 mos.   Kent Wong is recruiting a delegation to go and watch them in action.
    • Honduras in May 22-31 investigating privatization of universities,
  • Labor Arts Exchange going back to the ATU (former NLC) campus June 25-27
  • Recommendation for establishing a Young Workers Caucus (under 35) to the UALE Executive Board.
  • UALE should establish a Working Group that looks at internal monitoring by employers and what unions and others can do to push back.
  • Reminder of our overall commitment to follow up on membership recruitment
  • Acknowledgement of the retirement of Dawn Addy (FIU and former UALE board member)
  • Encouraged to promote attendance at the morning meetings


 Minutes: UALE Annual Membership Meeting;
March 28, 2014 Los Angeles, CA

Upcoming Key dates

  • Annual Directors’ meeting: Nov 13, 2014
  • Executive Board Meeting : Nov 14-15, 2014
  • Next annual Conference: March 25—28, 2015
    • Orlando FL at Doubletree by Universal Studios

Secretary's Report

  • Minutes reviewed from 2013 conference(distributed via Listserve); passed
  • Reminder that all membership and Eboard minutes are available for review on the UALE website

President's Report

Berger Marks Foundation

  • Berger Marks and UALE partnership to support women’s summer schools
  • Cheryl Coney hired as project coordinator for the women’s summer schools
  • Berger Marks is providing $49,000 in funding support plus $6,000 for each summer school

UALE Research grants:

  • More applications this year
  • Two awards:
    • FIU action research on taxi drivers
    • Denise Wagner on African American Steelworkers in Chicago.
  • Next grant opportunity published in Sept and October when RFPs go out.
  • Winners should routinely plan to present at next year’s conference

UALE Strategic Plan

  • Convened with facilitator at November Executive Board meeting
  • New Executive Board will follow up on results


  • Institutional membership has increased with broader inclusiveness of Canadians and other countries and working groups.
  • All UALE members should attempt to build on membership

Treasurer’s Report

2013 Budget (distributed)

  • Last year’s conference was expensive but additional fund raising helped defer costs
  • Small budget deficit of $3000

2014/Proposed 2015 Budget (distributed)

Minutes amended 6/10/14 to reflect proper budget years, K.Conlan

  • Numbers allotted to categories similar to 2014
  • Conference will likely be in the black
  • $190,000 as of March 21 in the bank
    • Numbers will change with deposits from this year’s conference
  • LSJ and New Labor Forum subscriptions are pass through items

New Treasurer needs to work on improving the web site registration process for conference

Bank fraud notice resulted in closing account in FL and setting up new account at Amalgamated Bank in DC

Membership trends (download below)

  • Increasing
  • Institutional memberships important to help offset support for community groups
  • Current individual membership numbers don’t reflect additions picked up at conference

Treasurer’s report is passed

Download Budget and Membership trends here: document Treasurers Report (208 KB) document


Run by Emily Twarog assisted by elections committee membership


  • Candidate statements per position circulated for those nominated in advance
  • Incumbents noted*; errata that Darryl! Moch is an incumbent At Large Member
  • For each position, nominations will be accepted from the floor
  • Candidates will give a brief statement as to why he/she is running
  • Regional Rep positions are handled among regional membership
    • Explained most recent EBoard reconfiguration of states within the regions
    • AFL-CIO Southern and Western Regional states are combined as the UALE Western Region
    • WV, MD and DC are moved from the UALE Northeaster Region to the Southern Region

President: Cheryl Teare elected by acclimation

Vice President, Universities: Tony Michael elected by acclimation

Vice President, Unions: Al Davidoff elected by acclimation

Treasurer: Lynda DeLoach elected by acclimation

Secretary: Kitty Conlan elected by acclimation

University Representative: Sarah Laslett elected by acclimation

Union Representative: Guillermo Perez elected by acclimation

Community Representative: Jennette Huezo elected by acclimation

Northeastern Region Representative: KC Wagner elected by acclimation

Midwest Region Representative: Paul Iverson elected by acclimation

Western Regional Representative: Bill Shields elected (2 candidates)

Southern Region Representative: Keturah Raabe elected (3 candidates)

At Large Positions: Darryl! Moch, Amanda Pacheco and Pierre Cote elected (6 candidates)


LSJ report:

  • Editorial Board will be meeting later
  • Special issues planned around RTW coming up
  • Solicitation for articles particularly among new members

Working Group Reports

Immigration and Globalization Working group

  • Appreciate content of the conference centered on the global workplace

Worker Writers Working Group

  • Copy-write and debates with publishers centered around the impact of technology and dissemination of articles/journals etc.

CLC State Fed Working Group

  • Working on a research report on how labor education can support CLCs
  • Will survey the members of the state fed and clcs
  • 6 labor education centers involved,
  • Need some people to help interview labor leaders in their area

Popular Education Working Group will meet later

K-14 Working Group

  • No meeting this year
  • Appreciate having public education and labor education imbedded within the conference program

Online Working Group
will be meeting online

Caucus Reports

Women’s Caucus

  • 2013 women’s summer schools attended by more than 500 women
  • Thanks the school hosts University of Arkansas, Cornell and University of WA/Seattle
  • Berger Marks support for this year’s programs
  • “Afterschool “program being proposed online to supplement the summer school momentum
  • 2014 hosts: Queens College, Victoria BC; University of IL, and Highlander School in TN
  • Need to get support for hosting schools throughout, including those programs run by male members

People of Color Caucus will meet after the membership meeting

New Business

  • 2016 conference, looking for Washington DC site
  • 2017 conference looking for a host city in the MW

Committee volunteers

Communications Committee

  • Newly established to promote UALE internally and externally
  • Focus on social media
  • Need a new website monitor, Ewing will help
  • Some funding to help support, job description circulating


Don Taylor (chair)

Debra Kidney

Elise Bryant

Tess Ewing

Helena Worthen

Joe Varga

Conference planning (University VP Oversees)

Daniel Gilbert

Judith Bernier

Helen Moss

Guy Bosworth

Ali Bustamante

Gene Carroll

Constitution and Governance Committee (new)

Guillermo Perez

Lori Province

Pierre Cote

Kitty Conlan

Emily Twarog


Joe Berry

Paris Walker

Additional volunteers will be solicited from the UALE Listserve

Good and Welfare

  • Status of the union education in jeopardy
  • Northern CA and Western Region cohosted regional meeting that provides an alternative means of members to convene and can be used to promote annual conference attendance.  
  • Portland is hosting LERA conference May 29-June 1
  • Workers Independent News labor news radio broadcast deemed “not news” by FCC. May seek support from the Eboard for assistance to refute.
  • New board should consider as the worker demographics change, outreach to groups of workers “left out” of traditional employment arrangements. (Independent contractors, adjuncts, etc.) United Workers Congress formed to address their needs.
  • UCLA Labor Center celebrating 50th anniversary this year; seeking ad support
  • Body recognizes outgoing President Elissa McBride for extraordinary job
  • Incoming President Cheryl Teare acknowledges large transition in board composition; new board will convene in the am.

Meeting Adjourne


UALE Membership Meeting

Toronto 4/19/13

Secretary’s report

  • Review of last year’s membership minutes
  • Reference to the UALE website to retrieve all membership minutes
  • Call out for people to run for UALE board in 2014

o Position descriptions will be posted to the website

Treasurer’s report

  • 2012 full budget
  • 2013-14 proposed budget
  • Membership is up at membership and institutional levels

o 380 members, 50 Canadians

  • Conference will likely break even
  • Overall healthy financial situation

Many of the community groups were not able to come to conference due to the Immigration reform activity. G. Perez notes we need to include Canadian groups among community groups to fund.

Motion made and seconded to accept 2012 budget

President’s report

  • Town hall meeting outcome from postings

o We share the same hopes

o Challenges to the organization as to the mission of UALE in the future. Mostly centered on broadening the scope of the organizations especially multinational

o Will post full report on the website

  • Research grants: one winner presented at the conference. Attendees should spread the word to take advantage. Bob Bussell will be posting criteria soon on the UALE website
  • Next year’s conference in LA March 26-29

o Will be able to showcase and highlight immigrant and worker center labor movements

o Lots of energy and culture

o 50 anniversary of the UCLA labor center

o Tony Michael will be notifying people about proposals in late August

o Consider having more information electronic vs hard copy conference materials.

  • Staffing of Special Committees

o Nominations/election committee

    • Elise Bryant
    • Verlene Jones Davis
    • Emily Twarog
    • Pat Hammell
    • Steve Schnapp

o Conference Committee

    • Sue Carter
    • Ketura Raabe
    • Debra Kidney
    • Verlene Jones Davis
    • Kent Wong
    • Barb Thomas
    • Casey Wagner
    • Susan Winning
    • Judy Ancel
    • Helen Moss
    • Deena Ladd

o Membership committee

    • Ashley Dwire
    • Erica Wills
    • Ruth Needleman
    • Adriane Paavo
    • Rae Sovereign
    • Gayle Hamilton
    • Clayton Sinyai
    • Eric Foreman
    • Yolanda Medina Dejesus
    • Mohammad Ali Aumeer
  • 2015 Conference

o South (limited union hotels) and Midwest are target location cities

o Good to have a union/program partner

o Straw poll of likely options: Washington DC (6) Chicago (20) Puerto Rico (43) Trinidad (5)

  • Membership recruitment: push for membership among colleagues

Caucus Reports

People of Color Caucus

  • Submitted a proposal re the 2014 conference theme and other items related to greater inclusion of people of color within UALE and labor education (see attached)

o Caucus would take charge of picking the proposed scholarships pick the winners

o Membership discussion about ensuring that the proposals are included within the conference yet allow the flexibility of developing the conference:

  • note conference committee inclusive of People of Color member.

o Amended resolution; passed

  document People of Color Caucus Resolution (15 KB)

Women’s Caucus

  • 483 went through the UALE summer schools
  • Please get more active in terms of recruitment and participating as instructors
  • Ithaca, Little Rock and Seattle are upcoming locations
  • Share women’s leadership curricula

Labor Studies Journal report

  • 120 clicks, 6000 subscriptions, SAGE promotes within universities,
  • Need more citations to get an impact factor (include in manuscripts so organization becomes more visible.)

CLC working group

  • is sending out an electronic survey re collaboration between labor educators with central labor bodies

Immigration and Globalization working group

  • Try to integrate issues of immigration and globalization more within other presentations instead of in one section
  • Helen Moss and Mary Bellman co-chairs for next two years
  • Immigration: Citizenship process; guidelines and ed materials including some union ed materials

o Discussion of immigration reform on the listserve

  • Globalization priorities: Transpacific Partnership, video on the state of labor rights in Columbia

K-14 Education working group

  • Commitment to do two sessions next year; examples from Canada and California
  • Resolution submitted: Community College of San Francisco under attack

o UALE will go on record defending the college, meet with Bill Shields to compose a letter and circulate for more signatures

o Resolution passed

Labor Filmmakers

  • Will meet later

Online Education working group

  • Difference in academia vs labor ed instructors for unions using online programs
  • Survey done (follow up with Helena Worthen re report details)
  • Need to explore the differences in the two groups: working conditions culture and purpose

Popular Ed Working Group

  • Maintain pop ed space within the conference, including a track
  • Do a write up on importance of popular ed within the labor movement
  • Develop more material for the conference
  • Deep the practice of labor ed beyond “participation and sticky notes” to incorporate more intentional political education focus

Worker Writers

  • Needs more volunteers
  • Pitch for more members to write their stories
  • Need to develop writer workshops
  • Guide on how to pitch your work to unions

Community based Educators

  • Create a working group
  • Themes: youth, tap into existing youth groups in the US and Canada, UALE needs to expand its topics. Will post to the website

New working group on Leadership Development in formation

  • Elaine Bernard
  • Susan Nosov
  • France Laurendeau

New Business

  • Dock workers in Hong Kong on strike

o Request for UALE to support the strike

o Form for donations or drop off money on the labor notes table

  • G. Perez: proposes to expand budget to increase community based funding by $3000 for Canadian groups in 2014 budget for the purpose to attend 2014 conference for. Pull the correct board people into the process of resolving this process issue. Regional reps, Martin, Perez and Schnapp. Passed
  • Commend E-board and planners of the conference

Meeting Adjourned at 5:45 pm

Meeting Highlights:

We passed a motion to support the AFT resolution supporting creation of a Task Force to support inclusion of labor in k-12 education. The Task Force to include NEA, AFL-CIO and other allies.

We passed two motions submitted by the People of Color Caucus:

  • “In light of the AFL-CIO Executive Council’s document ‘Resolution 2: A Diverse Movement Calls for Diverse Leadership’, we move that UALE do education around this document & try to move this resolution within unions.”
  • A resolution that UALE develop institutional partnerships with Workers Centers. Motion seconded.

We passed the following proposal from the EBoard:

"We propose the formation of a UALE task force to study the structural and financial challenges of the organization in response to the concerns and suggestions raised at the mid year meeting of the Union and University-based Labor Education directors.  Those suggestions included a more robust communications function, regional meeting schedules, and the hiring of staff to help the organization function at a higher level with greater impact.  We propose that the task force be composed of 4 current UALE Executive Bard members, and 3-4 volunteers not currently on the board.  The task force is charged with presenting a report that outlines options and makes a set of proposals at the next mid-year EBoard meeting to be held winter 2010."

We set up a Nominations/Elections Committee to prepare for next year's EBoard elections. Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich volunteered for the Nominations/Elections Committee.

Meeting Highlights: 

An New Executive Board was elected (See below and Executive Board Directory page of this website)

Four new Working Groups were created: K-12 Labor Education, On-Line Education, Popular Education, and Working Writers.

Resolutions were passed in solidarity with the struggles of Mexican electrical workers and mineworkers, and in suport of the DREAM Act and students who have been targeted for deportation.

We approved a modest dues increase.


  • Electronic devices silent
  • Go to microphone if you want to speak
  • Listen and debate with respect
  • Time Limits – 5 minutes for reports and 1 minute to comment


The conference evaluation will be on “Survey Monkey”

2012 Conference

Our next conference will be at the Westin in Pittsburgh, Pa. from March 21 to March 25, 2012.

The following members appointed for the Conference committee: Carol Anderson, Carla Insinga, Verlene WIlder, Deb Kidney, Jim Dunphy and Helena Worthen*.

2013 Conference

D’Arcy Martin reported on efforts to set up our 2013 Conference in Toronto Canada.

A motion was made, seconded and approved that our 2013 Conference be held in Toronto, Canada.


Treasurer, Dawn Addy proposed a budget 2012. A motion to accept the budget was moved, seconded and approved.

Web Site

The following members appointed for the Web Redesign Committee: Tracy Chang, Tess Ewing, Susan Moir, Maureen Rizzi, Cheryl Teare*, Joe Vargo, Marquita Walker and Mike Wisniewski.


Cate Poe delivered her   pdf Update on UALE Membership Drive from Cate Poe (583 KB) .

The following members were appointed to the membership committee: Sally Alvarez, Elise Bryant, Bob Bussel, Lynda Deloach, Mary Alice Heretick, Joan Hill*, Cathy Howell, Lynda Deloach and Maureen Rizzi.

Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee reported that there were 47 participants at their luncheon.  The caucus decided to recommit to the “Women’s Summer Schools” and establish a funding committee. Monica Boris-Bielski reported that the caucus decided to send a “Fact Finding Tour” of the Avondale shipyard.  The following resolution was offered by Tess Ewing.


That UALE give our official endorsement to the fact finding delegation to Avondale being organized by the “Women’s Caucus” , so that it will be recognized as an official UALE delegation."

The resolution was approved.

Immigration and Globalization

The ”Immigration and Globalization” working  group suggested that and Immigration and Globalization track be established.


Are working on next year’s conference issue but they need submissions.

CLC Working Group

A meeting is scheduled later in the day.

Online Education Working Group

Spoke about increasing our presence and guarding against abuses.

Workers of Color Committee

A meeting is scheduled later in the day.

Other Resolutions


The following members were appointed to the nominations committee for the election next year: Joe Berry, Linda Sneed, Rae Sovereign* and Cory Taliaferro.

Director’s Lunch

Bob Bussel reported that at the lunch the attacks on Public Service Workers’ were explored.

New Business

It was suggested that members visit “People for Corporate Tax Breaks” for an entertaining view of government finances in Canada.

*designates the chair of the respective committee throughout

Adjourned 6:10 pm.

March 23, 2012 Membership Meeting (Pittsburgh)

Ground Rules

  • Electronic devices silent
  • Go to microphone if you want to speak
  • Listen and debate with respect
  • Step up/step back
  • Time limits: 5 minutes for reports and 1 minute to comment

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from 2012 distributed.
  • Motion to approve 2012 minutes made, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Dawn Addy presented UALE financial report, including projected budget for 2013.
  • Motion to adopt budget report made, seconded, and approved.

President’s Report

  • Website rebuild – Cheryl Teare reported on the redesign and launch of the new UALE website.
  • Research grants – Bob Bussell reported on the allocation of money for research grants. Application and review process are currently being developed.
  • Conference 2013 – D’Arcy Martin reported on plans for the 2013 conference in Toronto. Volunteers for planning committee: Tony Michael, D’Arcy Martin, Deb Rosenstein, Judy Ancel, Bill Shields, Helen Moss, Ruth Needleman, Deb Kidney, Manny Ness, Verlene Jones.
  • Conference 2014 – Dawn Addy reported initial planning work for Conference 2014, which will be held in the Western United States. Nonbinding preference poll taken of Oakland v. Las Vegas for possible location – result Oakland 48, Las Vegas 14.
  • Awards Guidelines Committee – Elissa McBride discussed awards ceremony to be held Saturday, March 24. Asked for volunteers for an Awards Guidelines Committee; Rae Sovereign, Tony Michael, Mike Fedor, Lynda DeLoach volunteered.

Working Groups

  • CLC/State Feds Working Group - Monica Bielski Boris reported. Would like to do project that explores relationships between CLC’s/State Feds and university-based labor education programs.
  • K-12 Labor Education Working Group - Annetta Argyres reported. Name change to Labor Education and K-12 Education and Job Training Working Group. Co-chairs now Argyres and Helena Worthen. Two tasks over next year: session in Toronto that engages local public school teachers, and continue work with NEA & AFT to promote labor education in schools.
  • Immigration & Globalization Working Group – Judy Ancel reported.   Co-chairs now Judy Ancel and Helen Moss. Many curriculum materials on web page.    document Immigration-Globalization WG Resolution (122 KB) (empaneling a committee) moved, seconded, and carried.   Volunteering to be on the committee created by the resolution were Bill Shields, Emily Twarog, Irene Queiro-Tajalli, Judy Ancel, Robin-Clark Bennett.
  • Worker Writers Group – Tim Sheard reported. Would like to recruit mentors for worker-writers, place some curricula for teaching writing on the web site, and create a how-to manual for creating writers’ circle in the workplace and publishing work. Co-chairs now Tim Sheard and Karen Ford.
  • Online Working Group – Debra Kidney reported.   Want to create discussion threads on UALE website re. how to teach online, how we interface labor education online, and working conditions of online teachers.
  • Popular Education Working Group – Steve Schnapp reported. Co-chairs remain Schnapp, Tess Ewing, and Don Taylor. Will continue to recruit demonstration workshops for the annual conference. Continuing to explore searchable online database of popular education curricula. Possibility of regional meetings, international meetings, popular theater, webinars on popular education, and soliciting funds for these ideas. Announced discussion of 99% Spring scheduled for Saturday morning.

People of Color Caucus

  • Elise Bryant reported. Co-chairs are Cheryl Teare and Marlan Maralit. Want to explore how unions & academic labor educators can emphasize people of color and new workers. Want to create train the trainer program and network of people of color in labor education.

Women’s Committee

  • Monica Bielski Boris reported. New co-chairs are Gail Hamilton and Kate Shaughnessy. Discussed most recent and upcoming women’s summer schools. Discussed the attack on women and reproductive rights. “  document Womens Committee Resolution (14 KB) ” moved, seconded, and approved.

Labor Studies Journal Editorial Board

  • Bob Bruno and Michelle Kaminski reported. Not getting enough submissions, and those received are not from members (except conference issue). Have been approached by Cambridge University Press about publishing proceedings/papers. Seeking input from members on this idea. Issue with SAGE: we are the only journal they have which insists on a union printer. Seeking to resolve.

New Business

  • Nick Unger suggested exploring associate membership or something similar to reach out to our non-labor studies academic colleagues.
  • Joe Berry moved: “That the UALE business meeting has, as a sense of the body, that we affiliate with USLAW and pass on to the executive board to act upon that when it becomes financially feasible to pay appropriate affiliation fees.” Seconded and approved.
  • Bill Shields reported on western region meeting. 43 attended. Discussion of curriculum sharing, and did a popular education wealth inequality exercise demonstration. Hope to hold fall meeting.
  • Elise Bryant urges integrating local cultural presentations in future conferences.


  • Dan Katz, New Dean of Labor Studies at the National Labor College – report on status of NLC.


  • President - Elissa McBride nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • VP/University – Tony Michael nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • VP/Unions – Cheryl Teare nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • Treasurer – Dawn Addy nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • Secretary – Mike Wisniewski and Kitty Conlan nominated. Conlan elected by secret ballot.
  • University representative – Bob Bussell nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • Community organization representative – Steve Schnapp nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • Union representative – Guillermo Perez nominated and elected by acclamation.
  • At large (3 positions): D’Arcy Martin, Bill Shields, Darryl! Moch, Marc Bayard, Kent Wong nominated. Elected by secret ballot: D’Arcy Martin, Darryl! Moch, and Kent Wong
  • Regional representatives:

Eastern – Elise Bryant

Southern – Ashley Dwire

Midwest – Don Taylor

Western – Verlene Jones

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM