The governing body of UALE is the Executive Board, elected every two years at the annual meeting. Go to the Executive Board Directory page to see the current Board members and their contact information.

The work of UALE between meetings is carried out by Working Groups, Committees, Caucuses and Task Forces listed below, as well as by the Labor Studies Journal Editorial Board (for the latter, see the Labor Studies Journal page of this website.)

Constitutional Standing Committees

These Committees are mandated in our Constitution.

Annual Conference Planning Committee: Jason Kozlowski, Chair

Academic Standards: Sarah Laslett and Lamoin Werlein-Jaen, Co-Chairs (inactive at present)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Domenic Bellissimo, Chair

Institutional Membership Committee: Inactive at present

Professional Welfare Committee: Inactive at present

Ad Hoc Committees

Communications Committee: Tess Ewing, Chair

Membership Comittee: Cheryl Coney, Chair

Nominations and Elections:

Constitutional Caucuses

Membership is open to any member in good standing. Please contact the chair if you would like to participate in a caucus.

Women Workers' Caucus: Judith Bernier, and Kassandra Cordero, Co-Chairs

Workers of Color Caucus:  Gayle Hamilton, Chair

Union Caucus: (inactive at present)

Lesbian and Gay Caucus:  (inactive at present)

Women's Committee

The Women's Committee oversees the planning of the regional Women's Summer Schools

Women's Committee: Judith Bernier, and Kate Shaugnessy, Co-Chairs

Judith Bernier
Florida International University

Kassandra Cordero
BC Federation of Labor

Working Groups

Working Groups are self-organized groups within UALE that come together around a particular topic or area of interest.  Recognition of a Working Group as an official UALE body is based on consistency and support for the mission of UALE. They are open to all UALE members to join, and may also include non-members of UALE.

Find out more about the Working Groups by visiting their pages on this website.

Central Labor Councils and State Federations: David Reynolds, Chair

David Reynolds
University of MI (retired)

Immigration and Globalization
: Ana Avendaño and Camilo Viveiros, Co-Chairs

Ana Avendaño
United Way

Camilo Viveiros
UMass Dartmouth

K-14 Labor Education: Anneta Argyres and Courtney Derwinski, Co-chairs

Courtney Derwinski
Mass. Teachers Association

Jason Kozlowski
University of West Virginia
Institute for Labor Studies and Research


Labor Filmmakers: Anne Lewis and Vivian Price, Co-chairs

Anne Lewis
UT Austin

Vivian Price
Calif. State University


On-Line Education: Julie Mendez-deLeon

Julie Mendez-deLeon


Popular Education: Darby Frye, Riahl O'Malley and Richard Gaboton, Co-chairs

Darby Frye
Washington Federation of State Employees

Riahl O'Malley
United for a Fair Economy

617.423.2148 ext.127

Richard Gaboton
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)


Worker Writers: Timothy Sheard, Chair

Timothy Sheard
NWU, New York
Lenny Moss Mysteries 

Young Worker and Activists
: Alicia Flores and Sarah Hughes, Co-chairs

Alicia Flores
UC Berkeley Labor Center

Sarah Hughes
National Education Association


Task Forces

Task Forces are groups that form to do a certain task, and then disband once their work has been accomplished. Two Task Forces were established at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Conference Structure Task Force

Women's Schools Grants Task Force