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Washington State Labor Education and Research Center
South Seattle Community College, Georgetown campus
6737 Corson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206-934-6671
Website: http://georgetown.southseattle.edu/LERC/georgetown.southseattle.edu/LERC/

The Labor Center at South Seattle College is Washington State's only statewide higher education outreach program providing direct educational and research services to labor unions. The Labor Center's mission is to help union and community members develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge that will enable them to become more effective leaders, staff, and rank-and-file activists. To this end, we provide educational and technical services tailored to specific unions and community-based organizations and organize conferences, workshops, and schools open to a broad mix of union and community activists. We have a vision of a labor movement grounded in human rights, open to all working people, and dedicated to developing strong and democratic worker organizations effective at the local, national, and international levels. We join with workers in their unions and with community members to build an intersectional labor movement inclusive across race, gender, age, sexual orientation, immigrant status, disability, or other characteristics. Our educational work is inspired by labor history but looks forward to substantial growth of the labor movement through disciplined and imaginative workplace organizing, as well as through effective union partnerships with organizations committed to social, economic, and environmental justice. Our teaching is based on a popular education model which draws heavily on the experiences of workshop participants, and which seeks to help people make sense of their experiences through an analysis of economic, political, and social power.

Labor Education & Research Center Director
Kelly Coogan-Gehr:
Phone: 206.934.6859

Program Coordinator
Anita Scheer: