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Education for a Democratic Workplace

The mission of the School for Workers (SFW) is to empower working people and labor organizations at the job site, in the national economy, and in the global economic system through a comprehensive program of lifelong adult learning opportunities. Founded in 1925, SFW is the oldest University labor education program in North America.

The School for Workers works closely with the labor movement at the local, state and national levels. Programming is designed for the rank and file, local leadership, and international union staff.

We offer a wide range of programs ranging from one hour presentations to evening community classes, two or three day conferences, week-long residential institutes in Madison, to multi-day labor-management facilitations involving a wide range of subjects. Our faculty also provide a wide range of applied research and technical assistance services.

Course and Technical Assistance Subject Areas:

  • Organizing and Mobilization – internal and external union and worker organizing, coalition building, political action techniques, using the media
  • Labor Relations – labor law, employment laws (FMLA, discrimination laws, FLSA, unemployment insurance, etc.), grievance handling and labor arbitration
  • Collective Bargaining – bargaining skills, contract costing, specialized bargaining for pensions and health care benefits
  • Safety and Health – ergonomics, hazard identification and prevention, safety committees, OSHA law and regulations, Worker’s Compensation law and procedures
  • Labor History – understanding contemporary work force issues by studying history, culture, class and the struggles of working people in the global economic system
  • Building Trades – specialized programs on organizing, collective bargaining, labor law and apprenticeship training for the building trades
  • Special Requests – the School is responsive to client requests for training or technical assistance on virtually any topic related to work, the work environment, unions and industrial relations

Department Director and Professor
Michael Childers:

David Nack:
Don Taylor: don.taylor@wisc.edu

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Associate Professors
Armando Ibarra: aibarra@wisc.edu
Alexia Kulwiec: alexia.kulwiec@wisc.edu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.