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The Institute, established in 1980, offers a wide range of non credit programing to help Neraska labor leaders and activists gain the education and skills necessary for success in today's changing economy and workplace. Courses include: grievance handling, collective bargaining, labor history, strategic planning, parliamentary procedure, safety and health, FMLA,leadership skills, increasing political effectiveness, common sense economics, internal organizing, and the use and abuse of worker participation programs.

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University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center

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University of Oregon
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LERC provides a comprehensive labor education program for union members, officers, and staff. Classes and programs are generally non-credit, although LERC faculty offer occasional credit classes with other University of Oregon departments and coordinate an internship program to place students with unions. LERC also offers a non-credit certificate for union leaders. Major areas of emphasis include grievance handling, organizing, strategic planning, contract campaigns and strategic research, internal organizing and solidarity-building, occupational safety and health, labor and politics, and leadership development. LERC offers conferences, workshops, classes, and programs on an open enrollment basis and for individual unions. LERC faculty conduct research in the areas of occupational safety and health, labor history, labor relations, and public policy.

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