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The Labor Education Service (LES) is an outreach program of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies. LES was created in 1951 to provide training, applied research services and technical assistance to Minnesota workers and their organizations. Staff offer a variety of non-credit courses, workshops and conferences at both campus and off-campus locations throughout the state in subjects such as trade, labor economics, collective bargaining, steward training, immigration, labor law, politics, equity issues, communications and union administration. Education is offered in both English and Spanish. LES staff are also involved in the labor communications community and offer a wide range of media services including video production and web communications. The program publishes Workday Minnesota, a statewide daily internet labor news service.

Howard Kling:

Labor Educators
Mary Bellman:
Tony DeAngelis:
Deborah Rosenstein:

Video Producer
Randy Croce:

Executive Assistant

Joyce Hegstrom:

Editor: workdayminnesota.org
Barb Kucera:

Professor: Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies
John Remington:

Computer and Internet Specialist
John See: