NYC Office
16 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016-4328

Phone: 212-340-2867

The Worker Institute at Cornell engages in research and education on contemporary labor issues, to generate innovative thinking and solutions to problems related to work, the economy, and society. The new Institute brings together researchers, educators, and students with practitioners in labor, business, and public policy to confront economic and social inequalities and to promote sustainable economic development and the creation of good jobs.

The Worker Institute is the newest Institute at the Cornell ILR School, which for over 60 years has provided support, education, and scholarship to assist working people in ensuring their rights on the job, and building effective organizations and strong communities.



Ithaca Office

309 Ives Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3901

Buffalo Office
237 Main Street, Suite 1200
Buffalo, NY 14203-2702

Rochester Office
249 Highland Ave
Rochester, NY 14620


Lowell Turner
Director, The Worker Institute
Professor, International & Comparative Labor

Jeff Grabelsky
Associate Director

Lara Skinner, Ph.D.
Associate Director, The Worker Institute at Cornell, Co-Director, Global Labor Institute
Co-Director, Global Labor Institute

Sally Alvarez, Ph.D.
Co-Director of the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

Ron Applegate

Rosemary Batt
Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work

Kate Bronfenbrenner
Director of Labor Education Research

Nellie Brown
Director of Workplace Health & Safety Programs

Legna Cabrera
Research Specialist

Gene Carroll
Co-Director, NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

Alex Colvin
Associate Professor of Labor Relations and Conflict Resolution and Chairperson of the Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History

Lance Compa
Senior Lecturer

Maria Cook
Professor, Department of International and Comparative Labor and Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History

Jefferson Cowie
Professor of Labor History

Ileen DeVault
Professor of Labor History
Co-Chair, Equity at Work

Linda Donahue
Editor and Director, Union Communication Services

Maria Figueroa
Director, Labor and Policy Research

Eli Friedman
Assistant Professor

Lois Gray, Ph.D.
Jean McKelvey/Alice Grant Professor of Labor-Management Relations Emeritus

Kate Griffith
Associate Professor of Labor & Employment Law

James Gross