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I.A.M.A.W. William W. Winpisinger
Center for Education and Technology
24494 Placid Harbor Way
Hollywood, MD 20636

Phone: 301-373-3300
Fax: 301-373-2860
Website: winpisinger.iamaw.org

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is the Labor Education Center for the IAMAW. It's purpose is to meet the complete range of educational needs of IAM members and to provide an atmosphere where members can learn undisturbed by daily demands of the workplace. In addition, training is conducted at their Local Lodges by Educational Representatives assigned to regional territories. To this end the program covers a diverse range of training to ensure that IAM members, officers, and staff are prepared to serve their fellow members

Christopher Wagoner:

Assistant Director
Mary McHugh:

Educational Representatives
Henry Bagwell:
Julie Frietchen: @iamaw.orgDave Miskolczi:
Greg Murray:
Edmundo Osorio: @iamaw.org
Rhonda Rogers: @iamaw.org