Tuesday February 09 , 2016
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Popular Education

Our Mission

UALE includes a broad range of people involved in labor education, including union- and community-based educators as well as academics. The Popular Education Working Group will work to ensure that the organization serves the needs of those of us who work in a non-academic setting or who are able to use non-traditional and tarnsformative teaching methods within the academy. We will promote the use of Popular Education methodology in working with adult learners by soliciting proposals for popular education workshops at the UALE conference; sharing techniques, activities and materials; and any other means at our disposal.

Join Us

To learn more about the working group, or to join, please contact one of the Co-chairs.


Riahl O'Malley
United for a Fair Economy

617.423.2148 ext.127


Susan Winning
UMass Lowell Labor Education Program



 UALE is on Facebook.


ucs labor books

Buy labor books and help support UALE.

UALE has an affiliation agreement with Union Communication Services. Their book catalogue includes over 100 titles, many of them hard to find. UALE will receive a commission on each sale.