The Board is the official governing boday of UALE. Board members and officers are elected every two years at the UALE general meeting, which takes place during the annual conference. All positions are open, (except the LSJ liaison, who is chosen by Labor Studies Journal) although several have incumbents running for re-election.

You can see more about the Board on the Executive Board page here.


Below is the official Call for Nominations

We will be holding UALE Board Elections at the UALE Meeting in Seattle, Washington during our General Membership meeting on April 6, 4:30-6:00pm.
Nomination and Elections Rules:

  • Please submit nominations (for yourself or someone else) by March 23, 2018 to
  • Nominations should include: name, affiliation, email address, phone number, and position.
  • All nominees must submit a written statement of 50 words or less by April 1, 2018 to
  • Elections will take place on Friday, April 6, 4:30-6:00pm
  • While nominations are permitted at the General Membership Meeting, it will make the election much more transparent and well-organized if we have nominations in advance of the General Meeting as we will be circulating a printed document with everyone nominated and their statements prior to elections.
  • Only dues paying members of UALE are eligible to vote.
  • Regional representatives (Midwest, Western, Southern, and Northeast) are elected only by regional members not the whole membership.

If you are interested in serving on the Elections Committee which runs the election during the Membership Meeting, please contact Emily at

As it currently stands, the positions are as follows (* indicates there is an incumbent running):
Summary of Specific Duties of UALE Officers and E Board members
·         Ensures the policies and affairs of the UALE are implemented
·         Primary point of contact for the organization
·         Presides over the Executive Mornings (mostly monthly) and annual membership meeting
·         Appoint Chairs of committees
University Vice President:
·         Takes the lead on planning and overseeing execution of the annual conference
·         Chairs conference planning committee

o   Establishes a conference theme
o   Sets parameters for conference participants
o   Promotes submission of proposals
o   Selects proposals

·         Sets schedule for conference agenda
·         Oversees design and printing of conference brochure/booklet
Union Vice President
·         Back of for President as needed
·         Takes lead in planning annual directors meeting (with University Rep)
·         Co-facilitates midyear union directors meeting with Union Rep
·         Lead with assistance from Union Rep promote union institutional membership
·         Organizes (with Union Rep) union director meetings
·         Assists University VP with planning annual conference
·         Takes, circulates minutes for Executive Board meetings
·         Takes minutes at annual membership meeting
·         Publishes via website, listserve, notices, etc., to membership with respect to meetings, elections, constitutional amendments and other key event of the organization
·         Facilitates the annual recruitment of Institutional membership
·         Maintains central collection of organization policies, forms, etc.
·         Sends out notices to Executive Board as directed by the President
·         Arranges for printing of new stationary upon new elections
·         Coordinates annual award process
*Treasurer (currently an assistant is provided)
·         Maintains bank account and financial accounts of the organization
·         Collects fees and dues from membership
·         Makes disbursements and purchases approved by the Executive Board
·         Maintains institutional and individual membership lists
·         Submits budget for approval at annual meeting
·         Prepares financial reports; presents annual report to the membership
·         Assists the University VP with financial issues related to conference expenses
University Representative
·         Liaison to university based membership; represents interests at Board meetings
·         Oversees new generation paper submissions and selections for annual conference
·         Assists Union VP wit planning and facilitating mid-year directors meeting, including curricula exchange if included
·         Facilitates meetings of university directors at annual conference
·         Helps plan and participates in new member welcome meeting with Union Representative and Community Representative
·         Coordinates UALE grants
Community Organization Representative
·         Liaison to community based membership; represents interests at Board meetings
·         Assists in recruitment of community organizations (institutional membership)
·         Helps plan community group participation at annual conference
·         Coordinates grants for community based groups for annual conference
·         Helps plan/participates in new member welcome at annual conference (with Union and University Reps)
Union Representative
·         Facilitates meetings of union directors with Union VP
·         Represents interests of union membership at Board meetings
·         Helps plan/participates in new member welcome at annual conference (with Union and University Reps)
4 Regional Representatives (Midwest, Southern, Western, and Northeast)
·         Carries out UALE mission within respective regions
·         Encourages collaboration among labor educators and labor organizations with the regions
·         Serves as regional point of contact for individual and institutional members; represents interests at Board meetings
·         Coordinates development of regional UALE events
·         Works with membership committee to recruit and retain members in the region
*At Large Members (3)
·         Represents the interests in UALE membership in general
·         Assists other officers in execution of their duties as needed
·         Helps carry out the mission of UALE
The term of office for all officers and members of the Executive Board of the Association shall be two (2) years. The term of office will start immediately after the 2018 Annual Meeting.

For more information on the expectations, please see the UALE Constitution and Bylaws:
Thank you,
UALE Nominations Chair

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